Donald Trump lashes out at the Court and wants a woman for the vacant position

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The president intends to name the successor of the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg next week: “It will be a woman,” he said. Criticism of the Democrats.

US President Donald Trump launches an onslaught against the Supreme Court to relaunch its electoral campaign, distracting attention from the pandemic that caused nearly 200,000 deaths in the United States.

The president intends to name the successor of the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg next week: “will be a woman”, he says with glee to his supporters.

“She will be talented and brilliant. We have not chosen yet, but we have several options,” explained the tycoon during his campaign in North Carolina who yells “fill the seat” “replace her.” A new motto, after the “lock her up” worn by Hillary Clinton in 2016, which seems to please the president: “We could make a t-shirt, it’s a good idea.” Trump then reassures his fans about the fact that there will be a nomination, and it will be soon: “It’s a must.”

The president’s ostentatious public security hides the near-fratricidal war that broke out behind the scenes. The Senate vote on a possible Trump nomination divide the republicans: Senator Susan Collins said there shouldn’t be a vote until the election.

In front of Senator Ted Cruz who, waving the specter of a constitutional crisis, press to act quickly, before the November elections, to guarantee a fully functional Supreme Court in the “probable case that it is called to rule on the result of the vote.”

Behind the scenes, Trump alongside conservative ‘minds’ Mitch McConnell works to ensure that Republicans have the necessary numbers to approve the nomination and thereby mortgage the Supreme Court for decades to come.

At the moment, the favorite to replace Ginsburg would be amy coney barrett, a Catholic and anti-abortion judge: conservative therefore ad hoc, almost the antithesis of the iconic liberal.

Among the candidates is also Barbara Lagoa, a judge from Florida of Hispanic origin, Cuban to be exact. Naming a woman would allow Trump contain criticism, which are expected to be violent in their rush to proceed with the election a few weeks away.

Democrats on the warpath threaten “retaliation” against Republicans if they vote for Trump’s nomination before the end of the year.

Among the hypotheses to be pursued, the one most hated by conservatives: expanding the number of seats in the Supreme Court. “McConnell may think the battle is over, but he didn’t understand that this is just beginning“said Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Former President Bill Clinton, who appointed Ginsburg to the Supreme Court in 1993, criticizes the Republican race to vote: “You don’t have democracy if you use rules for a group and others for everyone else, “he stressed, referring to 2016, when Barack Obama appointed Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court, but McConnell did not allow the vote because it would have been fair in an election year.

Democrats’ biggest fear is that Ginsburg’s empty chair could boost Trump’s campaign, massively pressuring evangelicals and superconservatives so that they vote for him knowing that consolidating the conservative majority in the Supreme Court is almost more important than the presidency.

For the moment, however, Democratic candidate Joe Biden remains ahead nationally. by eight points and is considered the most reliable for managing the pandemic, while Trump is for the economy.

And it is precisely the letter of the coronavirus, linked to that of the free seat in the Supreme Court, the one that Biden wants to play in the last vestiges of the campaign.

The message of the former vice president is clear: the pandemic highlighted the need for healthcare and now, if Trump can replace Ginsburg, at stake is Obamacare and the possibility of a cure.

For Biden, however, the ground is slippery: despite the requests, at this time the former vice president does not seem willing to publish a list of his candidates for the Supreme Court and the Ginsburg chair also rekindles attention to his statements prior to wanting to name an African American among the seatss.


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