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The American actress, wife of Prince Harry, recorded a video asking to participate in the November presidential elections. “I am not her fan,” said the president.

Seemingly annoyed by Meghan Markle’s recent remarks about the November presidential election in the United States, he lashed out at the actress and Duchess of Sussex, wrying “good luck” to her husband, Prince Henry of England, very ironically.

The president assured this Wednesday that he is not “very fanatic” of Markle, after the young woman encouraged Americans to vote, in a video that has been interpreted as a veiled criticism of the head of the White House.

“I’m not a fan of her,” Trump responded when asked during a press conference about the recording featuring the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan.

“And I’d say this,” Trump added, “and she’s probably heard that, but I wish Harry the best of luck, because he’s going to need it.”

Regarding the announcement of Time magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2020, Markle and Prince Harry appeared in a special speaking in a video from their farm in Santa Barbara, California, where they were They moved in earlier this year.

“We are only six weeks away from Election Day and today is National Voter Registration Day. Every four years they tell us the same thing, that this is the most important election of our life, but this is it,” said the actress. born in Los Angeles, California.

The Duchess of Sussex assured that when the vote is exercised the values ​​are put into action and the voices of the people are heard.

“Your voice is a reminder that you are important,” said Meghan, who defended that all citizens deserve to be heard.

“They can train us to be kind or they can train us to be cruel,” said Markle, calling for “challenging ourselves to build communities of compassion.”

Her husband, the Duke of Sussex, said that this year he will not be able to vote in the United States and that, indeed, he has never been able to vote in the United Kingdom.

That is why he called that as November approaches it is vital to “reject hate speech, misinformation and negativity online.”

In their message, neither Meghan, 39, nor Henry, 36, directly mentioned Trump.

By August, the American duchess and star had been more outspoken and called a “change” on the occasion of the US presidential elections in November, in which Trump seeks re-election and will face former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden.

“I think that if they participate in this event with us it is because they are mobilized and motivated to see the change that we all need and deserve,” said Markle during a meeting organized by the NGO “When we all vote”, co-founded by former first lady Michelle Obama, who tries to encourage Americans to go to the polls.

The couple resigned from British royal family duties earlier this year and recently moved to California with their one-year-old son Archie.

Meghan already intervened in the public debate in June to comment on the death of African American George Floyd at the hands of the police, and racism and police violence in the United States.


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