Donald Trump imposes more sanctions against Cuba and prohibits Americans from staying in hotels on the island

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It is another blow to tourism. Nor will it be possible to import liquor or tobacco from the Caribbean country.

US President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday new sanctions on Cuba, which prohibit Americans from staying in the island’s hotels and buying tobacco or alcohol to bring back to their country, in an attempt to conquer Cuba. Latino voters of the key state of Florida.

The sanctions are against tourism sector of Cuba, key to the Caribbean country.

“Today I announce that the Department of the Treasury will prohibit US travelers from staying in properties owned by the Cuban government,” Trump said during a ceremony at the White House with former combatants who participated in the failed invasion of Cuba in 1961. Bay of Pigs.

“The changes restrict accommodation in certain properties in Cuba, the importation of Cuban liquor and tobacco, the attendance or organization of professional meetings or conferences in Cuba, and participation in certain public events,” the Department said in turn. of the Treasury in a statement.

Measure strangles even more the island’s tourism sector, where all the hotels are linked to the Cuban government, and leaves the only option for Americans to stay in private homes of the self-employed.

Until now, Americans could stay in very few hotels in Cuba, since the Trump administration three years ago vetoed transactions with companies controlled by Cuba’s military, intelligence and security services; and the Armed Forces control many of the island’s lodgings.

The Trump administration reversed the openness policy towards Cuba initiated by his Democratic predecessor, Barack Obama, launching a battery of economic sanctions to restrict the foreign exchange earnings of the Havana government.

This announcement occurs at 40 days of the presidential in the United States, where the state of Florida is a close electoral bastion – with 29 votes – and where there is an important colony of Cubans opposed to the government of Havana.

This Wednesday, Trump honored veterans of the failed US invasion at the White House. Bay of Pigs who tried to overthrow Fidel Castro in 1961 and also recalled the 40 years of mass exile of Cubans to the United States known as the Mariel exodus.

“The Cuban government has been redirecting revenue from authorized travel for its own benefit, often at the expense of the Cuban people,” said Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin.

With this update to the restrictions, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) will prohibit anyone subject to US jurisdiction from staying, paying for accommodation or making a reservation for himself or for third parties on any property identified by the State Department as property of the Cuban government.

The regulations also affect properties in the hands of sanctioned officials or members of the Communist Party of Cuba who are designated with restrictions or their close relatives.

“The ban on the use of hotels owned by the Cuban government will imply fewer United States flights to Cuba and that the flights are once again only for Cuban-Americans who visit their families, “John S. Kavulich, president of the United States-Cuba Trade and Economy Council, told AFP.




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