In a decision with 3 votes to zero, the Manhattan Court of Appeal rejected the president’s arguments that the summons was exaggerated and equivalent to political harassment by Manhattan District Attorney Democrat Cyrus Vance.

“The president has a difficult burden and an unenviable task: to make plausible accusations that will convince the court that the summons received cannot serve the subject of an investigation that the grand jury could legitimately pursue. His complaint failed to do so, “the judge wrote.

Jay Sekulow, a Trump lawyer, said the president will appeal to the Supreme Court to request that the subpoena be blocked.

The court suspended the execution of the summons by prosecutor Cyrus Vance, giving President Trump time to ask the Supreme Court, for the second time, to intervene in this case and permanently block the summons.

The Supreme Court ruled in this long dispute, rejecting Trump’s argument in July that he has immunity from criminal investigations while he is president.

But the court said Trump may raise other objections to the grand jury’s summons to his accounting firm, Mazars USA, which is requesting his 2011-2018 corporate and personal statements.

Vance issued the summons in August 2019. Trump is running for president in the November 3 election.