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A maximum of 15 thousand will be able to enter next year, unless there is a change in management.

The administration of President Donald Trump announced a new reduction of the quota of refugees admitted to the United States, with the limit of 15,000 people in 2021, a measure with a view to the presidential election in November.

The State Department made this announcement on Wednesday night, half an hour before the start of the 2021 budget year on October 1, respecting the deadline established by law.

In the next 12 months, a maximum of 15,000 refugees they may be admitted to the country, unless there is no change in administration, compared to 18,000 authorized refugees this year.

The figure fell to its lowest level, and represents a tiny amount compared to the 100,000 people taken in annually during the administration of the previous president, Barack Obama.

Trump, who has made the fight against migration one of his priorities, has already suspended refugee admissions for months this year, with the pretext of the pandemic of covid-19.

In presenting the measure, the State Department argued that the United States seeks to help refugees “as close to their homes as possible,” so that can return.

“By focusing first on ending the conflicts that come with displacement and providing humanitarian aid abroad to protect and assist displaced people, we can prevent the destabilizing effects of these displacement on affected countries and their neighbors,” he said. it’s a statement.

The State Department mentioned the need for a “diplomatic solution” in Venezuela, where Washington tries to remove President Nicolás Maduro from power, after considering his re-election in 2018 fraudulent.

Near five million Venezuelans they fled their country since the end of 2015 due to the political and economic crisis.

On a tour of South America last week, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited Venezuelan refugees and was pleased that Colombia and Brazil are hosting them.

Asked about these reductions, Pompeo said Tuesday that there was “no country more generous than the United States “in providing humanitarian assistance.

At a press conference in Rome, he stressed that the United States has hosted “more refugees than any other country in the last 20 years.”

Refugee advocates had called on the Trump administration to increase the number of admissions in the face of conflicts in the world and the instability generated by the pandemic.

Almost 80 million people around the world they have had to leave their homes, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, a figure that has doubled in ten years.

Democratic White House candidate Joe Biden pledged to increase the number of refugees admitted to 125,000, claiming that receiving persecuted people is part of American values.

The Trump campaign ran ads claiming that Biden’s position on refugees showed that it was “weak” and that people would be arriving from “dangerous” places.


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