Donald Trump declined to answer questions about his tax information at a press conference at the White House.

On Sunday, the New York Times published an extensive story about Trump’s tax data for the past two decades. According to the tax information now available to Trump, Trump has barely paid any taxes. In addition, they reveal how Trump has made hundreds of millions of dollars in losses.

Trump himself has been obscuring information for five years now and refusing to publish it, although in the U.S., presidential candidates have been in the habit of disclosing information during an election campaign.

After Sunday’s revelations, Trump described the NOW story as fake news, as he tends to call anything unpleasant to himself.

However, at Monday’s press conference, Trump was silent and refused to answer questions on the subject, the British newspaper The Independent says.

Instead of Trump, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi commented on NOW’s revelation in an MSNBC interview.

If you don’t see the Twitter embed, you can watch the video shared by Fear from here.

According to Pelos, the million-dollar debt revealed by the tax data should worry everyone. Trump is personally responsible for the $ 421 million in loans, most of which should be repaid over the next four years.

– Trump seems to owe more than $ 400 million. To whom? For different states? What influence do they have? For me, this is a matter of national security, Pelosi says.

Fear emphasizes that the U.S. people have a right to know who Trump owes.