President Trump is concentrating his efforts on overturning the election results in the states that were decisive in his defeat by Joe Biden. Analysts note that a vast machine of business diplomacy and lobbying has begun to reshape itself for the Biden era.

Veteran journalist Carl Bernstein, who spoke with his then-colleague Bob Woodward about the Watergate scandal, warned that the country may face a constitutional crisis. A growing number of the most conservative Republicans, from members of Congress to right-wing media, are moving away from the approach of the president and his team of lawyers, accusing it of being dangerous. They are asking Donald Trump to either present the evidence of fraud he claims to have, or to admit defeat to Joe Biden.

Trump’s team is appealing a federal judge’s decision on the Pennsylvania election

U.S. President Donald Trump and his campaign team challenged in a November 22 appeal the refusal of a federal judge to examine his approach, which sought to prevent the validation of millions of postal votes in Pennsylvania. The court ruling issued the day before was the latest blow to Trump’s attempts to undermine the election results nationwide through more than twenty lawsuits and other measures, according to the American press, unprecedented.

District Judge Matthew Brann wrote in his ruling that representatives of Donald Trump’s campaign staff used legal arguments and speculative, unsubstantiated allegations. Following the court’s decision, Pennsylvania officials can validate election results showing Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s victory in the state by more than 80,000 votes over Donald Trump. Biden won the Nov. 3 presidential election with 306 voters, compared to 232 for Donald Trump.