Donald Trump changed his look after the defeat: goodbye to yellow and hello to platinum

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The president of the United States reappeared after the defeat at the polls against Joe Biden and was surprised to have abandoned his classic blonde hair.

The public appearance of President Donald Trump in the meeting with the press to talk about his government’s response to the coronavirus after the defeat against Democrat Joe Biden caused surprise in all areas: not only because he did not talk about the election he lost, something which was predictable, but because showed himself with gray hair instead of the canary yellow of the last four years.

So far there were no official explanations about the president’s sudden change of look. But nevertheless, Trump’s platinum quickly became a trend on social media, with various memes and comments, in many cases linked to his loss to Biden.

One person tweeted: “Does Trump have gray hair now?” Another wrote: “Am I the only one who suddenly realizes that Trump has gray hair now?” More than one user in networks will have thought that there was something wrong with their screens when they did not see the characteristic hair color of the president of the United States.

Some users attributed the president’s changes to the stress experienced during the elections, while others argued that Trump he could have fired the presidential barber.

“Either Trump’s hair color manager has jumped ship or he’s trying to gradually transform into Joe Biden and hope we don’t notice it,” they wrote on Twitter.

Some dared to write to Trump himself (without receiving any answers, of course) asking him how in just one week, from his appearance on November 5 to Friday, his hair color changed so quickly.

In fact, the following days he was publicly shown wearing a cap that completely covered his hair and made it impossible to see what color he was.

Actually, this isn’t the first time Trump’s hair has been a few shades lighter. In July, at a conference from the White House it could be seen with a color closer to gray than yellow, but it had not attracted as much attention as now.

The president made the first statement since Joe Biden was confirmed as president-elect last Saturday. He made mention of the vaccine and the coronavirus pandemic, and although there was speculation with the idea that it went out of the script and made reference to the electoral process, which he considers a fraud, there was only one mention in which he hinted that there may be a change of government.

“This Administration will not go to a lockdown. We hope that, whatever happens, who knows what government there will be… time will tell, but I can say that this government will not go to a lockdown, “said Trump while camera flashes bounced off his now platinum hair.

Then he highlighted the operation launched by his Government for the manufacture and distribution of vaccines and treatments for the coronavirus, the so-called Operation Warp Speed, is “unmatched anywhere in the world.

However, what most attracted attention in networks was his hair. One detail: it is not the first time that presidential capillarity has become a topic of debate.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, his particular hair was one of the icons of the trumpismo, to the point that it was debated whether it was real. Beyond the yellow color, different media began to discuss the hairstyle of the man who could become President.

For that reason, when he visited Jimmy Fallon, one of the most important Late Night Show hosts in the US, he let himself be ruffled.

He did it to show that all that hair was his and not some kind of wig or comb-over, hairstyle that some bald people wear who leave long locks with which they cover the hairless areas.

Now, in his final days in the Oval Room, at Trump’s public comeback many stopped wondering when he will admit defeat to Biden, they just want to know what happened to her platinum blonde, trademark of the 45th president of the United States.



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