Donald Trump, at war with the governor of New York: will not send him the first vaccines against the coronavirus

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The president is at odds with Democrat Andrew Cuomo, who criticized his handling of the pandemic. The state tightens restrictions due to the advance of the virus.

President Donald Trump continued his fight on Saturday with the governor of New York, Democrat Andrew Cuomo, who has been a strong critic of the president’s policy against the coronavirus.

On Friday, speaking to the press from the White House garden, the president threatened not to distribute the first batches of the future vaccine against Covid in that state.

“Governor Cuomo will have to tell us when it’s ready because otherwise we can’t turn it over to a state that won’t give it to its people immediately,” Trump said.

And he added: Cuomo “does not trust where the vaccine comes from. These come from the largest companies in the world, the largest laboratories in the world, but he does not trust the fact that it is the White House, this Administration, so we will not deliver it. to New York until we have clearance to do so, and it pains me to say that. “

Shortly afterwards, Cuomo himself responded in statements to the MSNBC television network that what Trump had said “is not true. Surprise, surprise.”

“I have been an outspoken opponent of many of Trump’s policies over the past four years,” he said.

This Saturday, Trump continued his offensive through Twitter. “I LOVE NEW YORK! As everyone knows, the Trump Administration has produced a large, safe VACCINE much earlier than anticipated. Another Administration would have taken five years. The problem is, New York Governor Cuomo said he would be delayed in use it, and other states WANT IT NOW, “said the president in a message thread.

“We cannot waste time and we can only give the Vaccine to those states that use it immediately. Hence the delay in New York. Many lives will be saved, but we are prepared for when they are (in New York). to politicize! “, settled the outgoing president.

New York was in the first months the epicenter of the pandemic in the US and, although the number of cases has multiplied in several states as the year has progressed, it is still the first in the death toll, 33,993, according to Johns Hopkins University.

In recent weeks, Cuomo had announced that state officials would review the future COVID-19 vaccine and would advise New Yorkers not to get vaccinated until New York authorities complete the process.

This Friday, new measures came into effect in New York state to stop the advance of the virus, which has soared in a worrying way in recent weeks.

Bars, restaurants and gyms must close at 10pm, and social and family gatherings are also restricted to a maximum of 10 people.

Schools remain open for now, although New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio warned on Friday that parents should be prepared for a possible closure.

Governor Cuomo, on the other hand, rejects that measure in principle and said that “the problem is not the schools” but the social gatherings and the gastronomic places.

On the same Friday, Trump, for his part, again ruled out a generalized quarantine. “I will not close the country,” he assured.

Source: EFE and ANSA



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