Donald Trump assured that he is “free of medication” and gave details about his fight against the coronavirus

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In his first interview since testing positive, the President of the United States stated that he never had trouble breathing and that he feels “very strong.”

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, assured this Friday that he was “medication free” and revealed more details about his fight against the coronavirus, in an interview broadcast on television a week after being hospitalized.

The Republican leader was shown in a chat with Tucker Carlson of Fox News, the first he toasts since he tested positive for Covid-19 and which the White House described as a “medical evaluation” on air, carried out remotely by Dr. Marc Siegel, collaborator of the television network.

“I have not discovered the numbers or anything yet, but I have been tested again and I know that I am at the bottom of the scale or free,” said the president about his current health.

Trump, who said he felt “very good and very strong,” said he was “drug-free” since this Friday, after taking a regimen that included steroids and Regeneron, a cocktail of antibodies to treat the virus.

“I tolerated the steroids very well. I’m not taking anything now, let’s see how it goes. I will donate my plasma if they let me“, large.

About his stay in the hospital, he commented that “I did not feel very strong” but wanted “get out quickly”.

He explained that his lungs were evaluated with “incredible equipment” and evaluated: “It turned out well. At first, I think they had some congestion there. But in the end it turned out well and with each day it got better.”

In that sense, debunked rumors that he had trouble breathing. According to the president himself, the symptoms “were more of a weakness than anything else.”

When asked if he knew how he had been infected, he replied: “I do not know. There were some important events at the White House and perhaps there.”

And he added: “Nobody knows it for sure. Many people have contracted it, but people have contracted it all over the world. It is very contagious. That is something you learn. This is a contagious disease. “

Finally, the president announced that “probably” there will be another test this Saturday, a day in which he will also host in an event organized at the White House, as reported by CNN, which will be attended by “hundreds of people” to whom Trump will speak from the balcony.

Likewise, the United States Presidential Debate Commission announced on Friday the cancellation of the second debate with the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, which would have taken place on October 15 in Florida due to Trump’s refusal to participate in a telematic debate.

Twenty-four days before the elections, the president called the organizing committee “frankly ridiculous” with which he assures that his campaign “has always had problems” and explained that he would love to have debated in an external location, but not in front of a computer .

Source: AFP, ANSA, DPA


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