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He announced it through social networks.

President Donald Trump announced on his Twitter account that he will leave the hospital this Monday at 6.30 pm, 7.30 in the afternoon of Argentina, and said that “do not be afraid” of the coronavirus.

Amid strong controversy among medical experts who say that it is not appropriate to discharge a person who has suffered coronavirus so soon, Trump will go to the White House after being hospitalized since Friday.

“I will leave the great Walter Reed Hospital today at 6.30pm. I feel great! ”He said. And then he added: “Do not be afraid of the Covid. Don’t let the coronavirus dominate you, “the president tweeted.”

And he continued: “We have developed, under the Trump administration, great drugs and knowledge. I feel better than 20 years ago ”.

The president’s discharge so early surprises experts in this disease because it is still estimated that Trump, 74, is a patient at risk and is going through the most dangerous period of vulnerability, when the health of some patients can decline rapidly and need care urgent intensive.

In addition, he will go to confine himself to the White House, where the cases of coronavirus advance. Already more than 12 people around her have tested positive. The latest were her own press officer, Kayleigh McEnany, and two cleaning assistants.

But it is clear that the president desperately needs to return to the electoral campaign, with less than a month left before the November 3 elections and is 8.5% below his rival Joe Biden in the polls. The president had so far downplayed the severity of the disease, criticizing even those wearing chinstraps. Therefore, now that he has suffered from it, he has launched his new strategy to try to use it to his advantage: he is a warrior who has defeated Covid 19 and people should not be afraid of catching it. That will be the narrative now for the final leg of the campaign.

The possibility that he would leave the hospital today had already been announced on Sunday by the White House medical team Sean Conley, who referred twice to the planning of releasing Trump as soon as the next day “if he continues to look and feel so well as it does today ”.

Doctors continue to give an optimistic picture of the president’s situation, but they do not provide a complete picture. They say that he had fatigue on Friday, when he was admitted, and later they admitted that they had given him oxygen, when in principle they had denied it. They also did not say how much fever it had had or the impact on the lungs or kidneys. They only vaguely said that it was the “expected” one.

Doctors outside Trump’s background said they were puzzled because they pointed out that the picture being painted by their White House colleagues was too light given the aggressive mix of treatments he was receiving, which includes a monoclonal antibody therapy, the antiviral Remdesivir. and dexamethasone.

In his eagerness to continue showing that the virus had not hit him hard, the president unexpectedly left the hospital on Sunday to greet dozens of supporters who were waiting for him at the door with flags and banners. This exit was harshly criticized by health experts, who say that it was not only risky for the president’s health but also for his surroundings, since he was locked in a van with a driver and security personnel who must now remain in quarantine.


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