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A Republican adviser has compared the expectation before the first of three debates presidential face to face that Donald Trump y Joe Biden star this Tuesday night in Cleveland (Ohio) with that of the SuperBowl, the event, sporting or of any kind, that gathers the largest public on screens in the United States. Despite the wear and tear of the superlatives, the simile is more than tight. The 90 minutes The duel between the Republican president of the United States and the Democratic candidate are posed as a crucial moment in the campaign just over a month to November 3 elections. And, like football, a contact sport, the crash can be brutal.

The moment makes Favorable waters for Biden and has Trump on the defensive. The Democrat arrives at the debate as favorite in national polls and with advantages in some states that may be final. Its proven empathy and their ability to share pain is an invaluable weapon when the coronavirusIn addition to leaving an economic crisis, it has already claimed more than 200,000 lives in the US, a fact that Trump rarely mentions or for which he has shown little compassion.

Both the pandemic and the nomination of conservative Judge Amy Coney Barrett to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court also put former Vice President Barack Obama on a tray to follow his strategy of putting the focus on the sanitary system and the Obamacare, in perpetual assault by the Republicans. And the president, although he is an apparently Teflon man who does not adhere to any scandal, comes struck by the exclusive on the stratagems with which he has avoided paying federal taxes published Sunday by ‘The New York Times’.

Of the styles

Biden has been on a very limited schedule since last week to prepare intensively. Both in her debate in primaries with Bernie Sanders and in the vice presidential elections of 2008 with Sarah Palin and in 2012 with Paul Ryan, she showed that despite the bloopers or frequent babbling in his career, he is good at debates. He is, in any case, far from being able to arrive calmly at his appointment with Trump.

Trained to masters in his television years, the President already demonstrated in the previous campaign its strength in the debate stages and your willingness to tricks and cheap blows. Also during the presidency he has shown his contempt by the rules of decor, for the acts or by the true. She’s been denigrating Biden for two years now,. 77 years old, only three older than him, with the qualifier “yellow“and in recent days he has suggested, without proof, that the Democrat takes medication to improve his performance, even challenging him to take a doping test. And besides planning to attack Biden as supposed representative or ally of the extreme left, no one doubts that he will also intend to do so through his family (especially his son Hunter but also his brothers). Perhaps he even dares, when he has been accused by more than two dozen women of sexual misconduct, to bring up the allegations against Biden brought up by Tara Reade.

The key for Biden, as analysts and strategists express these days, will be keep calm, do not get carried away by Trump’s provocations and do not spend too much time doing ‘fact checking’. It probably won’t either Chris Wallace, a Fox presenter who in the past has challenged false claims of the president with data but does not have that role as moderator of the debate.

It is Wallace who has chosen the six themes They will be approached in segments of about 15 minutes starting at nine at night (three in the morning in Spain). On that list, prepared before the Trump tax information was released, are the record of the two candidates, the Supreme court, the pandemic and the economy. It will also deal with the moment of social tension experienced by the protests against racial injustice and police brutality (an issue that Wallace controversially encompassed under the title “race and violence in our cities”). And there is one more issue that is nuclear in this election: the integrity of the election, targeted by Trump.

Limited impact, but weighty

The debates have a limited impact but this can be fundamental. If the first is always the most important, this time it is more important than those scheduled for October 15 and 22 (and that of vice presidents on October 7) since the pandemic has increased the use of early voting, already in March. In addition, even small movements can have maximum impact this time, especially because according to polls like a recent one by ‘The Wall Street Journal’ and NBC, these quotes are especially important for determining voters in these elections: the most young boys and the most greater, the hispanic, the voters no higher education and those of rural areas.



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