Donald Trump already has the necessary votes in the Senate to impose his candidate in the Supreme Court

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US Republican Senator Mitt Romney, a fierce opponent of the president, said he will support starting the replacement process for the late Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg before the election.

US Republican Senator Mitt Romney said Tuesday that will support the start of the process replacement of the late Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg before the November 3 elections and his position practically ensures that President Donald Trump already has the necessary votes to appoint a new magistrate and thus consolidate a large conservative majority in the Supreme Court of Justice .

The new balance of the Court would have 6 votes against 3 and thus opens the way to an era of possible changes in fundamental issues in the United States such as abortion, immigration, gay marriage, the death penalty, health or climate change, among others.

The president anticipated that your candidate will be a woman and that you already have a list of 5 people you are interviewing for the position. It will be presented in haste this Saturday, as Trump announced, so that it can be approved before the presidential elections, despite the massive rejection of the Democrats, who demanded that the next president be the one who proposed the replacement of Ginsburg, the most progressive judge in the court passed away on Friday.

“If the nominee reaches the full Senate, I will try to vote based on your qualifications “Romney, a former presidential candidate and now a Utah congressman, said Tuesday. Some thought Romney, who hates Trump and even voted to impeach the president last January, could have joined two other Republican lawmakers who said they preferred to wait until the polls passed. But Romney is an ultra-religious person, devoted to Mormons, who assessed that the values at stake in her decision were far more powerful than people or politics. The composition of the Court, which has life members, can shape the life of the country for generations.

“My liberal friends they have been very used to the idea of ​​having a liberal court, but that is not written in the stars, “he said. “I know a lot of people are saying, ‘God, we don’t want that change.’ I understand the energy associated with that perspective. But it is also appropriate for a nation that is center-right to have a court that reflects center-right views, ”he said.

Judge Ginsburg, who passed away after several years of fighting cancer, had expressed the desire Before he died, his replacement was elected after the November 3 presidential elections. There was a very immediate precedent in that regard: In 2016, Republicans opposed voting for a Barack Obama nominee for the late Conservative Justice Antonin Scalia on the grounds that it was an election year. And the nomination, which was unsuccessful, was made 9 months before the elections, not a few weeks like now.

The debate was also joined by 10 former federal judges appointed by Democrats and Republicans, including former FBI Director William Webster, who asked Senate leaders that they refrain from deciding on the candidate until the new legislators took office. Former magistrates said that this process has been “dangerously politicized” and warned that “this harmful mix” could “dramatically diminish and change the public’s faith in this vital institution.” The legitimacy of the Supreme Court “is not something that can be recovered if it is lost.”

But, pragmatic at last, the Republicans ignored the will of the judge and the Democrats, turned their arguments from 4 years ago and said that they will speed up the times to vote very soon: they don’t want to risk losing the presidential election and let it be Democrat Joe Biden to nominate the new magistrate, who would obviously be a liberal rather than a conservative.

Republicans are not willing to give up the opportunity to embody the conservative values ​​that can be fundamental in generations. The Supreme Court, which had a conservative majority of 5 to 4 (although moderate conservative President Robert Kennedy sometimes voted with the more progressive sector), would go to 6 to 3 on crucial rulings that could soon be revised under pressure from the right. , like the 1973 Roe Vs Wade, that establishes the right to abortion, and others that endorse gay marriage, climate change, protection of workers and protection of immigrants.

Trump would become one of the presidents who has managed to place the most judges on the Court along with Ronald Reagan, who also appointed 3 justices. It would thus fulfill the wishes of its most conservative and religious bases, who bet on a president as controversial as the tycoon with the aim of that the court did not turn to the left. The support of religious Americans, especially evangelical Christians who make up 25% of the nation’s electorate, was crucial to Trump’s arrival in the White House in 2016.

The candidates appearing today as favorites for the nomination They are Amy Barrett and Barbara Lagoa.

Barret, 48, was already among the finalists for Trump’s second high court nomination, which was ultimately won by Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Devout Catholic with seven children, is a favorite of religious conservatives and it is considered that it rejects abortion outright. Barrett served as an assistant to Judge Scalia on the Court, was nominated by Trump to the US Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit (covering Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin) and confirmed by the Senate in October 2017 by 55 votes in favor and 43 in against. In her almost three years in office, she has signed about 100 opinions, including several discordant ones in which she showed her clear and consistent conservative side.

Lagoa, 52, is a Cuban-American judge from Florida who was nominated by Trump in 2019 to serve on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. Raised in Hialeah, a Miami suburb with a sizable Latino population, She is the daughter of Cuban exiles who fled the communist regime of Fidel Castro. She is fluent in Spanish and has a strong conservative record as a magistrate. Her potential nomination would give her another electoral boost because it would bolster Trump in Florida, a crucial swing state, where polls show she is nearly tied with Biden. Married with three children, Lagoa gained notoriety in 2000 as part of the legal team that represented the relatives of Elián González, a boy who was involved in a publicized custody dispute between her father in Cuba and her relatives in Miami.



supermarkets in Wales cordon them off and turn on customers

Shoppers in Wales have criticized government measures which mean that "non-essential items" have stood behind metal barriers or covered with plastic sheets in supermarkets.Photos...

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