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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have asked for a vote for the US elections, a gesture that the president has interpreted against them and that has raised controversy in the UK

Last Tuesday, in their first major public appearance on American television, Harry of England and Meghan Markle made a more political speech than usual, making a joint call to ask for the vote for the American elections on November 3. “Every four years they tell us: ‘This is the most important vote of our lives.’ But this year it really is. When we vote, our values ​​are put into action and our voices are heard, ”said the Duchess of Sussex in her television appearance. For her part, Enrique, somewhat more restrained, spoke of the importance “As we approach November, it is vital that we reject hate speech, misinformation and negativity online.”

Royal families never vote or ask for a vote. That is why the speech of the Dukes of Sussex, which between the lines was read as against Donald Trump, has raised blisters, both among politicians and in the royal house, and even among the British people themselves, who do not feel comfortable with the image that projects the couple.

The president of the United States, without mincing words, has not been slow to launch a message against the two. “I’m not a fan of hers,” he said in reference to Meghan Markle. “I would tell them something that she has probably already heard: I wish Enrique good luck, because he is going to need it.

Trump’s speech is bolstered by that of his controversial aide and former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, who has had unkind words with the couple. “They made Great Britain great by leaving, so I hope they do the same with us,” he said in reference to the US in a statement to The Daily Mail. The president’s campaign spokesman, Jason Miller, also raised the issue. But he has turned it around, assuming that rejection of “hate speech” that Enrique was referring to was referring to the Democratic candidate. “I assume they ask me about it because Joe Biden has broken records for hate speech, divisive language, especially against the African-American community. I read this as a justified criticism of Biden’s racist policies, “he argued.

Despite the fact that Enrique and Meghan announced their departure from the British royal family in early January, a decision that was made final in March, they are still linked to Elizabeth II and her lineage. It has not been that long since his departure, and still all his gestures and words continue to relate to the sovereign. Hence, a minimum of neutrality is required of them, and that is why their words and gestures have not sat well with the Windsors. Even a source close to them has stated in The Daily Mail that “they have crossed the line.”

The British newspaper has also explained that, from Buckingham, it is stated that “the duke is not an active member of the royal family” and that these comments “are made from a personal point of view.” The royal family thus seeks to distance itself from statements that are not neutral and that may pose a diplomatic problem for the crown and for the country. The newspaper The Times He has also pointed out that the palace aides are concerned about the attitude of the couple. After all, Henry is still a prince and they are both dukes. Hence, critical voices are raised that speak that marriage should leave its titles behind if it wants to have its own critical voice, before continuing to harm the royal family. As has even pointed out the conservative The Telegraph In an opinion column, “It is difficult to envision a way back for Harry and Meghan to the royal family after their risky decision to appear in a video asking for the vote in the US.” For the newspaper, “one thing is for Meghan to show off her political colors, and quite another for Prince Harry to do it.”

Staff close to the youngest son of Carlos de Inglaterra affirm that the speech has been misinterpreted and that they were not trying to decant the vote. “The duke spoke of the tone of the debate, which is quite feverish,” they say. “He does not speak of any specific candidate or campaign. It is based on a lot of things that he has said before about communities on the Internet, on how we interact with each other on the web, he is not making concrete political comments. “

However, Markle has on more than one occasion shown his political preferences, calling (before marrying Enrique and becoming royalty) that Trump is “misogynistic” and that he divides the people. These months she has told everyone who wants to listen to her that she is going to vote in these elections. In fact, she is personally calling citizens by phone to ask for a vote.


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