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The exmodelo Amy Dorris has publicly denounced that the President of the United States, Donald Trump, sexually assaulted her in 1997, during a meeting that they both had coinciding with the US Open de tenis, an accusation that the tycoon’s lawyers have already denied, linking it even to the impending presidential elections.

Dorris, who was 24 at the time and now lives in Florida, told the British newspaper ‘The Guardian’ the details of an alleged encounter after which she felt “ill” and “raped”. It would have occurred in the bathrooms of a VIP room on the tennis court, in September 1997.

“He pushed his tongue down my throat and I pulled him off. That’s when he grabs me tighter and starts fingering my ass, breasts, back, everything,” says Dorris, claiming that he “couldn’t get out” and that he ended up pushing the Trump tongue with teeth. “I think I could hurt him,” he adds.

I felt violatedObviously, but I was still processing it and I just wanted to go back and talk to everyone, have a good time because, I don’t know, I felt pressured to do it like that, “she says. During those days, she met several more times with Trump, a friend of her then partner , Jason Binn.

The exmodel ha provided evidence from his visit to the tournament and his meeting with Trump, then married to his second wife, Marla Maples. People in his environment to whom he told the meeting shortly after it took place, including a psychologist, have also corroborated the version.

Trump denies it

Binn has not spoken, though Trump’s lawyers They have assured ‘The Guardian’ that he does not remember Dorris telling him an episode like the one his ex-girlfriend now tells. Dorris doesn’t recall whether she told him all the details, but she does urge him to ask Trump to leave her.

The magnate’s lawyers have argued that the version of the alleged victim does not stand and assure that, had the abuse occurred, there would be more witnesses. They have also asked why Morris continued to meet Trump and why did not file a complaint before the authorities.

Dorris alleges that she was “overwhelmed” and did not process what happened to her until later. “People spend years with others who have abused them, that’s what happens when something traumatic happens to you, you freeze,” says the former model, who is 48 years old and has two daughters who are almost 13 years old.

“Don’t let anyone do anything to you that you don’t want”

He says that he considered taking a step forward in 2016, when several women came out publicly to tell similar stories against Trump, but gave up for the fear of harm that could provoke in his family. Now, she says she wants to teach her daughters a lesson: “Don’t let anyone do anything to you that you don’t want.”



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