Hundreds of Donald Trump supporters have appeared with MAGA hats and Blexit T-shirts – a move by which black Americans are urged to leave the Democratic Party “- on the White House lawn, accompanied by the US Marine Corps Orchestra. came dressed in blue to show their support for the police. Participants came by invitation, had to wear a mask and prove negative for coronavirus.

With a tradition of over 200 years, the orchestra that US President Thomas Jefferson called the President’s Band accompanies the official duties of the head of state.

However, military orchestras funded by taxpayers’ money cannot be used in campaign marches, and federal personnel cannot be involved in political campaigns, the Washington Post writes.

Military and Trump administration officials have made it clear that this was an official White House event called the “Peaceful Protest for Law and Order.”

“The Infantry Orchestra offered musical accompaniment for the Peaceful Protest of Law and Order, an official event organized on the southern lawn of the White House. The assignments of the Navy Orchestra at the White House come from the White House Military Office, “said the spokesman for the Marines.

White House spokesman Judd Deere clarified that it was an official event organized under the Hatch Act – a law that prohibits federal personnel from engaging in political activities based on their duties. The president and vice president are subject to the law to force federal staff to take political action.

The American president has shown a penchant for making any public appearance, including military leaders, a campaign march, signing accessories with “Make America Great Again” at official visits.

at military bases across borders. For example, on his first official visit to the Pentagon, Trump signed a travel ban in the Heroes’ Hall for certain predominantly Muslim nations. Washington Post.

Trump began his speech on Saturday by urging his supporters to vote against political opponents.

Trump has made a habit of performing on his campaigns, including through music, and Saturday’s event was no exception. A Trump supporter uploaded a clip to the White House atmosphere on Instagram, where the orchestra sang “America,” the soundtrack to the movie “West Side Story.”

Alice Hunt Friend, an advanced researcher at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said that the interference of military personnel in political actions is a “major violation” of civilian and military norms.

“Americans who see military personnel in uniform at political events may assume that the military has a partisan identity. Presidents in an election race must always be careful not to involve military advisers in campaigning.

According to government figures, the US military had in 2016 a number of 6,656 soldiers in national orchestras.

The American Infantry Orchestra is an elite one, accompanying Abraham Lincoln’s speech at Gettysburg, singing the Battle Hymn on a Torrential Rain for Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, and accompanying John F. Kennedy’s funeral procession.