Don Bosco, the humble Zapala club that will receive thousands of euros for the sale of Huevo Acuña

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For training rights, it will take 1.7% of the 10 million euros that Seville will pay Sporting Lisbon for the ex-Racing.

Thousands of times Marcos Acuña walked the couple of blocks that separated his grandmother Leonor’s house from the club Don bosco, in its It ignites native. The left-hander fed dreams while kicking pebbles down the windy Antarctica Argentina street. There, in Don Bosco, a popular neighborhood in the city, he played from 12 to 17 years old, when he went to Ferro; In that club he also debuted in the First local; on that court they also nicknamed him forever as Egg, for the thousand bumps that came out on his head after blows and blows. And that institution is now enjoying the great steps taken by Acuña’s career: it will receive several million pesos for the transfer of the 28-year-old midfielder to Seville.

For training rights, Don Bosco will receive 1.7 percent of the operation that closed at 10 million euros, plus another 2 for variables. Actually, the training fee is equivalent to 3% of the operation, but also the Egg He was in Zapala Union and in Ferro, to which a part will also correspond.

The account is simple: Zapala’s club will pocket around 170.000 euros (something like 15 million pesos), although this number must be deducted from the commissions of the lawyers (approximately 25,000 euros), the banks and the AFA.

“We are very happy here. First for him, because he is going to play in a much more competitive league such as Spain; and secondly for us, because without a doubt that the money will come in handy: everything that comes in will be allocated to infrastructure “, he tells Clarion Roberto Vallejos, President of Don Bosco.

And he continues: “The neighborhood clubs are experiencing many needs, these are not easy moments. Don Bosco is a club that has more than 400 Eggs Acuña practicing every day, although now everything is stopped due to the pandemic. ”

In the previous pass, from Racing to Sporting de Lisboa in July 2017, the Zapalian cast also won a significant sum of money: 3 installments of 25,000 euros. But the third installment never came and Don Bosco complained to FIFA, which ruled in his favor. The result? The Portuguese team will have to turn 45.000 euros.

“With what we received with the first pass, we were able to change the floor of the gym, do a couple of works to have drinking water and accommodate a little more the shelter we have for more than 45 people. The municipality also helped us, he laid the synthetic grass, “says Vallejos.

And he adds: “The costs are very high here, we work hard and for the love of the club. For example, we travel every weekend to different parts of the Province with 8 training categories plus the First Division.”

Cierra Vallejos from Neuquén: “For now there is talk of millions and millions, but we still have nothing. We should get the last installment of the pass to Sporting and the money from the sale to Seville. Hopefully it will arrive as soon as possible so we can continue to train the boys, as we did with him Egg“.

What is clear is that in Don Bosco they expect a millionaire figure in pesos for that boy who one day was excited to go very far, and because of his talent he jumped to Racing and from there to the best leagues in the world.



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