Dolli Irigoyen: will she be the new baddie of MasterChef Celebrity?

The prestigious cook arrives at the Telefe gastronomic reality in replacement of Germán Martitegui, the villain of the jury, who has coronavirus. Profile of a kitchen teacher.

There are chefs, there are cooks … and there is Dolli Irigoyen. She is the reference and cooking teacher for many of the best-known faces on television dedicated to gastronomy. Now, Dolli will be part, temporarily, of the jury of MasterChef Celebrity (at 10:30 p.m., by Telefe), replacing Germán Martitegui, who was infected with coronavirus.

The most demanding of the kitchen reality juries tested positive for covid and, therefore, will not be present in several of the recordings. For her part, Dolli already went through the program, a couple of weeks ago, when she was invited to give a master class to the participants. Everyone must have copied (or tried to copy, rather) his magnificent carpaccio.

Irigoyen’s gastronomic experience is not only preparing dishes and giving classes, but also has its own path in the media, with cycles in different signals.

Dolli likes to clarify, whenever she can, a couple of things. First, she doesn’t want to be called a “chef”, she prefers to be called a cook. And second, let it be known that Dolli is not an abbreviation, but her real name: her name is Dolli Beatriz Irigoyen.

From a very young age, in her family home in the Buenos Aires town of General Las Heras, where she was born, was surrounded by the flavors and aromas that her mother and grandmother prepared.

In that country kitchen, preserves were made and you learned to make a dish from scratch, even killing the chicken just before cooking it, for example.

Hence, Dolli’s innate ability to prepare almost any dish, delicately and always adding an original touch.

Before becoming known as a cook, Dolli was a school teacher (hence his gift for explaining recipes with great patience and didactic style) and started selling cakes. On birthdays a cake of his was more of a gift than a sweet meal.

Irigoyen came to television when she had been dedicated to gastronomy for a long time and giving cooking classes. His debut was on Channel 7, and later he switched to the cable signal Very useful, when cooking shows were starting to stomp.

Over time, and with the frenzy for gastronomy, his recipes became popular from different cycles of the El Gourmet channel and his name also became known outside of Argentina.

For several years, Irigoyen also offered his delicacies in his restaurant, Espacio Dolli, in Barrio Norte, where many famous people passed.

In her extensive culinary career, Dolli cooked for Mercedes Sosa, Antonio Banderas, Joan Manuel Serrat and Julio Bocca, Maluma and Liza Minelli among many others, in Argentina and other countries. But she admits that what he enjoys the most is doing it for his friends and family, especially his grandchildren, who he also teaches to cook.

Winner of many awards, one of the most important recognitions for Dolli was being summoned to preside, on two occasions, the Bocuse d’Or (a sort of international culinary olympic game) and is a member of the Culinary Academy of France for his contribution to Latin American gastronomy.

With her style of simple and leisurely tone, Dolli is imposed by presence and with the authority that her career gives her.

Thus, in editing MasterChef Celebrity in which she was as a guest, it was enough for her to tell The PolishGet off the table“When he saw the singer sitting on the counter, so that not a fly would fly in the studio. The singer does not participate in the contest for now because last week he tested positive for Covid-19. actress Natalie Pérez.

Their participations will only be seen in two weeks, the reality show has several recorded broadcasts.


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