Dogs controlled by augmented reality, the latest victim of the US military

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The US military is trying to introduce advanced technologies into every part of their business, even if they end up including augmented reality headphones on dogs.

To better guide them on the battlefield or in various dangerous operations, the US military has decided to create augmented reality kits for dogs. In this way, the officers who give them orders can do it from a distance even greater than before. From a point of view, it’s like turning them into drones, to get the human factor out of the equation.

Mainly, these kits will be installed in the case of dogs performing operations for the detection of explosives. Traditionally, officers had to be close enough to them to give them orders and guide them on their mission. This new high-tech installation will allow them to stay a long distance from the dangerous area. In addition to being able to detonate an improvised explosive device, American officers risked being shot in such outdoor missions.

The new augmented reality kit for canines was created by Command Sight Inc., in collaboration with the Army Research Laboratory. According to the details published on the army’s website, the helmet can display visual references in front of the dogs’ eyes to follow. Predictably, there is also a camera installed so that the person at the end of the wire can see in real time exactly what the dog sees.

Command Sight is a company founded in 2017 by Dr. AJ Peper, after he noticed that there is a need for improved communication on the battlefield between humans and animals. Currently, the whole project is in the prototype stage and was built around goggles that dogs are already used to. Most likely, it may be a few years before the initiative is reflected in standard canine fighting equipment.


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