Does Vladimir Putin suffer from Parkinson’s disease? Rumors and denials fuel speculation

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It was published by the “Corriere della Sera”, the main Italian newspaper, which quotes a Russian political scientist at odds with the Kremlin. The Russian government emphatically denied the version.

“Vladimir Putin would be preparing to retire from politics due to worsening health conditions. He would suffer from Parkinson’s disease and would have decided to give in to the pressure of his family, which insists that he leave his institutional commitments and think above all about being cured. An announcement could arrive already in January ”. This paragraph from his correspondent in Berlin, Paolo Valentino, is deployed this Friday by the Corriere della Sera from Milan, the main Italian newspaper.

The Kremlin denied the news that put the foreign ministries on edge, much more at a time when the results of the North American elections seem to be unfavorable to President Trump. If Joe Biden is the new US president, the multilateral alliance with the European Union, weakened to the maximum during the Trump administration, will become strong again. Putin is also considered an adversary of the 27-member European Union.

The correspondent of Courier service reports that the “clamorous scenario” has been revealed by the political scientist Valery Solovi, professor at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations until he was removed last year because he was considered too critical of the Kremlin.

Solovi confirmed to the “Corriere della Sera” his revelations, made in an interview with “Echo of Moscow”.

The political scientist maintains that Putin “could leave the presidency before the end of his term due to serious health problems and the laws that are being prepared in the Duma (parliament) should be read in this perspective.”

Solovei refers to two legislative projects presented a few days ago in Parliament by the president himself. The first would guarantee Putin ltotal immunity for life not only for crimes committed by his institutional assignments, but also as a citizen, says Solovei according to the Corriere’s Berlin correspondent.

The other legislative project provides that after the resignation the Russian presidents will become senators for life. Professor Solovei affirms that “the plan is for this package of measures to be approved before the end of the year “.

Kremlin spokesman Dimitry Peskon denied the rumors of the disease that Putin had contracted and affirmed that “the president is in excellent health and well,” says Paolo Valentino, the German correspondent for the main Italian newspaper.

Valentino writes in the Courier service that Solovi did not specify the nature of Putin’s illness, but that according to Russian analysts his comments “would be verified by some recent filming in which the Russian president appears with shaky legs while trying to support himself by grasping the arm of a chair ”.

According to Solovei, Putin would have an even more serious pathology that could prevent him from exercising his functions beyond 2021.

The political scientist added that the Russian president had confessed to his advisers that “he could make an announcement in January.” Solovei maintains that Putin’s partner, Alina Kabaeva, and her two daughters would insist that she must put her health before any consideration.

“His family influences Putin a lot,” he said. An early resignation of the president calls into question the constitutional reform approved with a referendum, which allows Putin to stand as a candidate for election for another two terms after 2024 when the current one will expire, says the Berlin correspondent for the “Corriere della Sera”.

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