The version 8.00 system software PlayStation 4 It has not stopped being involved in controversy since it was made available to users in the early morning of October 14.

Until now there is no real solution and Sony’s position is on some exposed points on the official PlayStation Network Status site.

To all reports around faults With the loading of the friends list, with the online experience and with the impossibility of creating groups, now the suspicion is added that conversations are being recorded.

It all started when PlayStation 4 users noticed two notifications that could be interpreted as if the console were authorized to record conversations.

The first was a popup that said ‘Voice chats can be recorded for moderation. By joining, you agree to be registered ‘, and the second was a lengthy text that participating in voice chats implied the acceptance of the recording for security and moderation purposes.

Obviously the uncertainty and the concern soared between users and before this Sony decided to update the presentation text of the version 8.00 of PlayStation 4 that can be consulted in the brand blog, to add a section dedicated to the recording of conversations.

The company indicated that after updating the console, users will effectively begin to receive notifications about the group security and about the possibility that the conversations in them are recorded.

He also clarified that the function of recording these conversations is concerning PlayStation 5, a console in which users can submit such recordings for review from Sony.

‘The notifications you are seeing on PS4 is to let you know that when you engage in a conversation with another user on PS5 may submit the recording to SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment)’, it reads in the clarification.

Lastly, the PlayStation UK support Twitter account added that the company does not record group conversations, but added that other users can record the conversation that is had with them.