Former Argentine soccer player Diego Armando Maradona is recovering favorably from his operation due to a bruise on the brain, and a day later “his recovery amazes”, According to his personal doctor, Leopoldo Luque, from the clinic in Buenos Aires where the intervention was carried out.

The ’10’ completed his first day after the operation with good news for the doctors, since he is “in good mood” and taking the right steps. “He’s much more connected. In a great mood, the recovery amazes us, but you have to be cautious “, he told the media at the door of the Olivos Clinic.

“The recovery is very good, optimistic for us,” he reiterated. Maradona went to the clinic on Monday for a comprehensive review, when they detected the clot, after a drop in health The last days that were already glimpsed on his 60th birthday last Friday, when he could barely walk alone in the tribute that the current Gymnastics and Fencing coach received.

Fluff’s doctor pointed out that even it is too early to know when he will leave the clinic. “We have not discussed yet what would be the best. I try to see it day by day, there are things that we have to hope that it continues to improve, not 100% yet, It is too early. Complications arise very soon, the first 24 hours are critical, that did not happen and we are happy, “he said.