Maurizio Viecca, a doctor at Luigi Sacco Hospital, says Milan’s hospitals “are close to collapse, there is no room for patients” and that a new hospital crisis could be caused by a shortage of staff.

“Many health workers have become ill, more than in the spring, because the virus has spread less in Milan,” he said.

On Wednesday, Milan and the suburbs registered 2,708 new infections, while the entire Lombardy region, the hardest hit in the first wave of the pandemic, exceeded 7,500 cases. 3,000 COVID-19 patients are hospitalized and the number of hospitalized is increasing. The second most affected region is Campania, followed by Piedmont and Veneto.

“We must immediately reduce contacts, first of all in public transport. In Milan, Zone C must be opened, private buses for tourist use must be used,” said the doctor, who believes that the authorities must also control the type of masks worn by people.

“If 95% of people wore standard masks, we would have thousands of deaths minus, and the unlockdown would be decisive and short, according to a study by the University of Washington,” explained Maurizio Viecca.

The Financial Times writes that Walter Ricciardi, an adviser to the Ministry of Health, urged the city to close: “In Milan you can only catch the virus by entering a café or boarding a bus.” Other experts supported his opinion, suggesting local quarantines in areas where the number of infections is increasing, including in Milan.

Mayor Giuseppe Sala, an independent center-left supporter, said it was premature to think about it at this stage, while right-wing Liga governor Attilio Fontana said a quarantine was ruled out.

Milan is already under similar quarantine restrictions, with bars and restaurants closed after 6 p.m.