We are at a time when creativity and the impetus to take advantage of tools provided by the web are the order of the day.

More and more people are encouraged and enter fully into platforms such as TikTok and Facebook Gaming, or creating podcasts.

Thus, opening a channel of Twitch figure as another of the concerns of this moment and for those people who are intrigued by the idea of ​​starting to broadcast gameplays from this platform, the Mexican streamer Atomic has something to say about it.

Atomic is a full-time streamer and partner of Twitch, and we asked you to share a series of tips that would appeal to anyone who wants to start exploring their broadcasting potential.

1. Keep a fixed schedule for streams

Get your audience used to knowing what times you will be live and how long your transmission will last. Visualize it as if you were creating a TV show with breaks, comments, and video.

2. Make sure your broadcast looks and hears well

You don’t need to stream in high quality, a basic 480p or 720p resolution is good; check that your image is fluid and well configured, as is the audio.

3. Create a community

Always interacting with your viewers creates bonds of brotherhood. A healthy community is a strong community.

4. Develop your personal brand

Having a personal style makes you stand out, not only in attitude, but also in branding matters. Make people identify you just by seeing a color, image or logo.

5. Stay active on your social networks

If you want to attract a little more external audience, it is important to notify when you are live. A post on IG or Twitter emphasizing that there is little left to start the stream always works.

6. Give collaborations a chance

Keep your mind open and encourage yourself to play with other streamers. This creates a sense of community and is healthy for your channel because it lets your viewers see that coexistence with other content creators is good, and can even generate bonds of friendship.

7. Share your tastes and create varied content

Play what you like, what you want to share with others, but also create variety on your channel. One day you can play an indie game, another a story mode, and maybe a multiplayer on weekends.

8. Plan, plan, plan

Having a solid planning will help you a lot to generate content strategically. Take advantage of holidays or commemorative days to make themes or a special stream. For example, during Halloween you can only play horror games; on the day of love and friendship something allusive and thus with different dates.

9. Never put aside the fun

If at some point you no longer enjoy the video game, don’t be afraid to quit. The most important thing is that you enjoy it and be yourself. It’s never good to force things.

10. Explore new games and content

In addition to playing what you like the most, it is also important to consider other possibilities. Have you tried trying that game EVERYONE is talking about? Remember that being attentive to trends is key to generating relevant content. In addition, finding new sources of content, such as watch parties with series or movies, represents a special opportunity to connect with your community in a cooler way.