Before the possible purchase of a used car, it is true that the buyer has to be attentive to review that everything, from the mechanics to the documentation, is in order and thus avoid unpleasant surprises once the vehicle is purchased.

If you are looking for a used car, take a look at these details so that your purchase is a success

But just the same second-hand car owners and sellers They also have to gather a series of documents, procedures and requirements if they want the transaction to be completed quickly and with good results (especially economic).

In the moment in wich the decision is made to sell the private vehicle, You have to start collecting all the necessary papers and documents, in addition to finding out to carry out the procedures that are permitting.


Drafting the sales contract is the first step when selling a car. You can download several models already drawn up, such as the one offered by the OCU on its website, for example. It is important that this contract contains the data of both parties involved in the transaction, the model and identification of the vehicle and the amount of the sale. Once this step is complete, you will need to start collecting all the remaining documentation.


To sell a vehicle it is necessary be in possession of the following documents:

  • Circulation permit.
  • ITV certificate.
  • Technical Inspection Card (green card).
  • Receipt of municipal circulation tax.
  • Change of ownership.
  • Owner change notification.
This is the documentation that you do or do have to carry in the car to travel

The first four documents should not be difficult to locate since they are mandatory to be able to circulate with the vehicle. The two related to the change of ownership require a series of procedures before they can be achieved.


Once the sale of the vehicle has been agreed with the buyer and future owner, the change in ownership of the vehicle must be notified to the DGT. This step must be processed once the sales contract has been signed and the payment has been made. It can be done in Traffic, through an agency or through a sales channel.

On the other hand, you also have to make sure that all taxes related to the car, such as circulation, and the different fees are paid and up to date. All that remains is to deliver all the documentation to the new owner of the vehicle … And ready!.