More and more car manufacturers and brands They try to cut emissions from their models and to specify more precisely what the real fuel consumption of your cars is. And is that the requirements of the European Union for the approval of consumption and emissions of new vehicles are increasingly stricter.

Even so, despite the new WLTP approval standards, which have been mandatory for three years and from next 2021 they will be the only valid measurement protocol; the real consumption of cars is still higher than that stipulated by the manufacturers, as stated by some associations such as the Organization of Consumers and Users.

These are the consequences that the car suffers on a bad road

And is that the fuel consumption is influenced by many factors, such as the way of driving, the weight of the load of the car, the type of road, the good condition (or not) of the rest of the elements such as the tires …

To know what is the real cost of each vehicle and to know, then, how much each model pollutes, Mile 21 has been launched, a collaborative project that seeks to create a joint database with fuel consumption and, therefore, the actual emissions of each vehicle in circulation.

How does it work?

This project, funded by the European Union, seeks to create a catalog in which drivers and consumers can provide consumption figures of your car and compare what you spend at retail. with the consumptions and emissions of a large number of new and used cars available in the European Union.

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To know how much our car consumes, then, it is as simple as register on the Mile21 website and create a profile. Then you have to add the car and the specific model. From this moment on, it will be necessary to register the first time the vehicle’s tank is filled. After three refuels have been completed, Mile21 will be able to calculate the actual consumption of the car based on individual driving style.

The best thing is that in addition to consulting the history of refueling and fuel consumption, Mile21 allows us to see if our driving habits change and at the same time gives tips to reduce fuel consumption behind the wheel.