On the Internet, there are peculiar trends and, for some strange reason, users find satisfaction and fun in the applications they serve to make deepfakes.

Such is the case of the app called RECOVER, which features multiple iconic scenes from movies or music videos so that users have the ability to place their faces on famous people.

The application is completely free, but if you want to download more scenes or content, you will have to invest through a micro-payment system.

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The operation of the application is extremely simple and intuitive, since, from the moment you install it, you only have to open it, choose an image of your face from your gallery or take a photo directly with the camera that can be opened natively with the platform.

With RECOVER, you can put your face on characters and actors like Toretto, Padme, Captain America, Iron Man, Jack Sparrow, Will Smith, Iggy Azzalea, Uma Thurman, Black Widow and many more.

Once you have chosen the scene you want, your face will automatically adjust, providing a very real result.

We already tried it and this is how it went:

What is deepfake?

The term deepfake was born from the union of two concepts: deep learning, as the deep learning of artificial intelligence systems is known and the word fake, that is, false.

The concept originated from the fact that in Reddit videos were leaked in which, apparently, celebrities had sexual relations, but they were not real.

This is fun technology, but also very dangerous, so use it with great care.

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You can find the app at Android The iOS.