During mission history, the daughter of a surprising number of faces familiar from publicity has ended up in beauty pageants. Many of them have also placed in the top three in Miss Finland – or once in the Finnish Maiden competition. There are well-known fathers and mothers of the missions in the world of hockey, motorsports as well as among the performing artists. For many, beauty pageants were an experiment in youth and the actual career was found on the very other side.

Estradidiiva and daughter-in-law

The Finns knew Anneli Sarin as a pop artist for decades before her beautiful daughter, Maria and Ira Valtonen stepped forward.

Of her daughters, Maria participated in the 1987 Miss Finland competition. The winner was chosen Outi Tanhuanpää, but Mary received the crown of her second princess princess. Maria later got a revenge when she became Miss Scandinavia in 1988. The mission came to a scandalous end when Maria was sentenced to probation for drunk driving. He lost his crown.

Maria, like her sisters, danced for years in her mother’s performances. Maria also worked as a dance teacher and moved to Paris a few years after her mission. She has at least one daughter, Lilou.

Disc legend and dark beauty

In the 1970s, every Finn knew who they were talking about when the words Vellu or Iso Musta were mentioned. It was, of course, one of the most famous Finnish disc stars of the decade, the Pori resident Veli-Pekka Ketola.

When Vellu shone in the trough, three children were born to the family in the first half of the 1970s. Of these, the dark-skinned Kirsi-Mari participated in the 1992 Miss Finland competition. She placed first legacy princess in the race. The media was very enthusiastic about the beautiful daughter of the well-known puck star. Kirsi-Mari appeared at Marimekko’s fashion shows after her mill year, but has now been out of the public eye for years.

A cosmopolitan and a talented daughter

The Finns have been following the life of opera singer and operetta star Tamara Lund since the late 1950s. Lund also starred in Finnish films and was a cosmopolitan of his time. In 2000, after living in Germany for years, he moved to Finland Alexandru Ionițăn and a couple’s common daughter Marian with.

Maria had tasted publicity since childhood. In 2002, she took part in the Finnish Maiden Competition, accompanied by great media attention. Beautiful Maria made it to the finalists, but was left without a crown. Mary’s pride was ridiculed when she visited in 2002 Joonas Hytönen in the talk show. The talkshow host uses balloons to demonstrate the size of his guest’s bust. An act that Hytönen later said he regretted caused a stir.

Maria found her career as a singer and musical star. His most recent main role is in the musical of the Helsinki City Theater On the day of murmur. Maria has also recorded and been awarded the Kullervo Linna Prize in the field of music.

Tamara Lund died of cancer at the age of 65 in 2005.

Heather and Heather

What comes to mind about Ilkka Kanerva? A married veteran politician who was married to Elina at a mature age and sometimes even in turmoil. Even so, but in the early 1990s, something completely different. At that time, another Kanerva was strongly associated with the name of politician Kanerva.

Daughter of Kanerva Julia participated in the 1992 Miss Finland competition at the age of 18. The victory was taken by the deceased in May Kirsi Westerlund (os Syrjänen). While attending the Mississippi, Julia studied to be a hairdresser, but later graduated as a psychiatric nurse. Julia, who has worked in substance abuse and mental health work, has hardly been seen in public anymore.

The only second generation Miss Finland

What will be obtained after the 1985 Miss Finland Marja Kinnunen and a handsome racing driver Harri Toivonen start a family? At least the second generation Miss Finland. Bea Toivonen, the daughter of a couple who had already divorced at the time, was crowned as such in 2014. For Bea, misseys was the culmination of a dream that had been burning since childhood.

After her Miss Games, Marja trained in the healthcare industry, where she still works. In the second year, she married her longtime musician husband. Bea has lived in London for several years, also with her musician husband. Bea has worked as a makeup artist.

Formula doctor and adventurer daughter

Aki Hintsa was perhaps even better known in the world than in Finland at the time when her daughter Lotta Hintsa was crowned Miss Finland in 2013. Aki, a sports doctor and orthopedist, 11 who served as an F1 series depot doctor in motorsport, moved in circles thanks to her work. The daughter got used to the fact that family friends included world-famous faces like Lewis Hamilton.

In Lota’s childhood, his father worked as a missionary in Ethiopia. Lotta and her siblings learned about internationalism and in their childhood.

Aki Hintsa died of cancer in November 2016. Before her father died, Lotta had time to marry her hockey boyfriend, but the couple divorced this year. The beauty has since walked her own trails and dedicated herself to mountaineering.