Do you remember, for example Cary Elwesinwho starred in The Robbery of the Princess in the late 1980s? Or do you have memories of who starred in The Last Samurai Ken Watanabesta?

In Hollywood, their wings have been tried by numerous Actors who, despite high expectations, have not achieved superstar status. Inspired by BuzzFeed, Iltalehti brought together Actors whose breakthrough has been awaited – perhaps in vain.

Brendan Fraser

Among other things, he became acquainted with the role of Viidakko Ykä in 1997 Brendan Fraserille, 51, predicted a successful career as a star in action movies, but it turned out otherwise. Fraser has spoken openly about inappropriate behavior towards Hollywood actors, but his career has never started to rise as originally expected.

Moira Kelly

From her 1991 debut in the Love, Lies and Murder series Moira from Kelly, 52, was once a rising star, but it was different. Since then, she has starred in the series Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces, among others, but Kelly has remained unknown to the general public despite her high expectations.

Linda Cardellini

Actor Linda Cardellini, 45, became familiar with Samantha Taggart’s role in the television series The Power Department and Velma Dinkley’s role in two Scooby Doo films in 2002 and 2004. Cardellini was nominated for a new big star on the big screen, but has had to settle for small roles.

Cary Elwes

British actor Cary Elwes, 57, became famous in 1988 for his role in the film The Princess Robbery. Since then, he has starred in, among other things, Saw horror films, but despite high expectations, he has not made a real breakthrough.

Ken Watanabe

Japanese actor Ken Watanabe, 60, became a Hollywood talkhead in 2003 for her role in The Last Samurai. He even got an Oscar nomination for his role, but didn’t end up with the prestigious ability to join him. Since then, he has made numerous film roles, but has not quite risen to the top of the Hollywood stars despite high expectations.

Judy Greer

Actor Judy Greer, 45, is a familiar sight from the films, but for some reason he has so far received almost exclusively supporting roles. He, too, has been expected to make a breakthrough over the years.

John Cusack

Already started his career as a child actor John Cusack, 54, has never made the huge breakthrough that has been expected of him for decades. After his teen roles, Cusack was seen in more serious roles after the turn of the 1980s and 1990s, and has been seen in several films as an anti-hero. In addition, Cusack has produced films and acted as a screenwriter.

Annabella Sciorra

Annabella Sciorra, 60, rose to fame in the 1990s with the scenes of Happiness – and Hand Cradling the Cradle, among others. Sciorra also starred in the television series The Sopranos, in which she played Gloria Trillo, but despite her Emmy nomination for the role, she hasn’t made a final breakthrough.

Andrew McCarthy

Andrew McCarthy, 57, rose to fame in 1986 with the film Pretty in Pink. He was charged with a successful career as an actor, but it turned out otherwise. A man’s career as a successful actor throws you short. Around the same time with Pretty in Pink, McCarthy also starred in the movies Dating in Elmo and Alta Zero.

Gemma Arterton

In James Bond 007, Quantum of Solace starred as MI6 agent Strawberry Fields Gemma Artertonin, 34, a breakthrough has been expected for years. The actress has been found to suffer even from the curse of the Bond girls, as she has not reached the star of particularly watched films since her role as Bond.

Naveen Andrews

Actor Naveen Andrews, 51, has become familiar to the general public about the role of Sayid Jarrah in the television series Lost and the role of Lieutenant Kip Singh in the film An English patient. Since then, he was expected to rise to the top of the cast, but the opposite happened: despite high expectations, he hasn’t made a final breakthrough as an actor.