Thirteen years ago in September 2007 Technology & Economy said, Director of the International Potato Institute, Doctor of Biology Pamela Anderson visited Finland. At that time, he met with representatives of universities, research institutes and public administration and negotiated research projects.

Anderson’s name is reasons quite eye-catching and memorable, so the reporter who wrote the news about him in his time had the wisdom to find out what his “potato doctor” belongs to today.

The results turned out to be surprisingly interesting. In 2013 itself Bill Gates, or more specifically the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, namely hired Anderson to lead the Foundation’s agricultural research. In this task Pamela K. Anderson worked 2014–16. In his landmark position as Director of the Potato Institute, he had worked from 2004 to 13.

An American connected to Anderson’s former school According to the local Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Anderson retired from this position. The high-resolution image of Anderson can also be found on the magazine’s website.

However, during his retirement years, he has also continued to serve in the same field as a member of the BIFAD agency under the United States. in the management team. Anderson was appointed to this position in 2015 by the then President of the United States Barack Obama.

BIFAD, the Advisory Committee on International Food and Agricultural Development Board for International Food and Agricultural Development) operates under the auspices of USAID.

The thing is originally published in Tekniikka & Talous.