The gamer public who is enthusiastic about smartphones will surely remember that almost a decade ago a device that promised the best of both worlds, a telephone, arrived on the market Android with an official physical control of PlayStation.

We talk about Xperia Play, a team created by Sony Ericsson and whose development was due to the way in which the market for portable consoles began to fall in the 2010s due to the growing popularity of smartphones with downloadable games.

The phone was everything any gamer could ask for. His design slider When closed, it made it resemble smartphones of the time-specifically the Xperia X10-, but when sliding it horizontally, a control adapted from PlayStation It included a directional pad, the square, triangle, circle and X action buttons, start, select, L, R and a pair of touchpads to simulate the two sticks.

Unfortunately Sony let the line die and Xperia Play it was the only phone he released to take advantage of the PlayStation brand.

In that vein, they are now circulating Photos that serve as testimony that the company did have plans to develop a second Xperia Play, although for some reason he ended up scrapping the project.

The Photos belong to a XDA member who is a collector of smartphone prototypes and who uploaded them to the Chinese online store Idle Fish with the sole purpose of displaying the equipment to the public, that is, it is not for sale.

These images of the prototype of Xperia Play 2 realize that the phone would again have been a slider that underneath the control adapted from PlayStation, with the particularity that the main color would have been negro with details in Red.

The incorporation of a button marked as ‘3D’ and that the computer screen dispensed with the physical buttons of the original Xperia Play.

As additional data, although the first Xperia Play was designed to be played with original software, it was used to run emulators from platforms such as SNES, Dreamcast, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS and PSP.