Novak Djokovic’s wife, Jelena, has sent a message on Twitter congratulating Rafa Nadal for her victory against her husband, current world number one, in the final of Roland Garros.

Love and respect for the wonderful Nadal family. What an incredible feat! Congratulations to the Nadal family, his team and all the fans“, the director of the Novak Djokovic Foundation wrote on the social network.

Her next message was to her husband: “We support you, love. Very, very proud of you. Always with you, let’s get over it“he wrote on Twitter, in English and Serbian, along with a photo of both players taken from the stands.

Nadal’s triumph yesterday, who managed to win his thirteenth Roland Garros and twentieth Grand Slam title, Equaling Roger Federer’s record at the Paris tournament, he was praised by many athletes, including Federer himself and Djokovic.

The Serbian, number one in the world, said about Nadal who is “the king of the clay”, something that, he said, “suffered” in his own flesh.

This Monday, the Serbian press described Djokovic’s defeat as “the most serious” of his career.