Serbian Novak Djokovic was in favor of creating a policy against gender violence in the ATP after the accusations of mistreatment that Alexander Zverev has received by his ex-partner Olga Sharypova.

The German player’s ex-girlfriend accused the tennis player of mistreatment when they were in a relationship in 2019, something that Zverev has repeatedly denied, calling it false.

Asked if the ATP should take sides In this and create a plan or policy against gender violence, as other sports do, Djokovic is in favor.

“I heard what happened, but we don’t know what really happened. I have known Zverev from a very young age and have had a good relationship with him always. Of course I do not support any kind of violence. That the ATP develop a policy against gender violence? Why not? I think we have not had cases of these in the history of this sport. Perhaps this case will inspire the ATP to develop a plan on this, “explained Djokovic at a press conference.

The Serbian also pointed out that he has not noticed that the relationship of the rest of the tennis players with Zverev has changed and that He has not spoken with the German about the subjectalthough he has offered his help if he needs to talk.

Already focused on tennis, Djokovic went on Friday to the semifinals of the ATP Finals, where he will face Austrian Dominic Thiem this Saturday at 14:00 GMT.

“I lost to him last year. I have a lot of respect for him and for his work ethic. They are semifinals and I expect a tough battle. He’s a Grand Slam winner, that’s a big boost for him, because he has taken a lot of pressure and expectations off, and he can play much better than he did before, “said the Belgrade.