He already warned after what happened at the US Open: “I can’t promise not to do it again.” And it was at the next Grand Slam, Roland Garros, when Novak Djokovic He has once again hit a linesman with a ball.

It happened during his round of 16 match against the Russian Karen Khachanov. The world number 1 was trying to reach a difficult ball that his rival sent him, and half stumbled brushed against the mast of his racket just enough to deflect, but not hit, the ball. The bounce changed trajectory until hitting directly into the face of a linesman, who was sitting watching the match.

Immediately, given the precedents, Djokovic went to apologize and check that he was well. This time there were no scenes as serious as those of the New York tournament, where the linesman went to the ground between complaints about the blow, but the affected simply understood that they are occupational hazards.

This time, ‘Nole’ was not punished for what happened, since there is no intention of hitting the ball, since it was simply a rebound that had the bad luck of going towards the referee.

Djokovic continued the match normally and beat Khachanov by 6-4, 6-3 and 6-3 to qualify for the quarterfinals of the Paris tournament.