Divorce number four is imminent

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Jochen Busse is facing the fourth divorce. Marriage number four will also fail. He explained that himself on a talk show. He also knows the reasons for failure.

Jochen Busse, 79, apparently has no luck in love. The TV star and cabaret artist said on the Radio Bremen talk show “3nach9” on Friday evening (November 13th) that his fourth marriage was about to end. It’s not nice for him, but that’s how it is, he says, and it doesn’t seem very emotional, but rather very realistic.

Jochen Busse screwed up marriage number four

The 79-year-old has already said yes four times, and now it threatens to go wrong a fourth time. “I’ve been ripped off again, I’ll have filed for divorce at the end of this year. It’s not nice to know, I’m not happy about it, but that’s the way it is,” said Jochen Busse on the radio Talk show. The reasons for the renewed failure, he says, lie with himself: “It’s up to me, because I always think, oh, we can manage that. And this achievement, that’s not true.”

Doubts from the start?

But it is not only that with Busse that doesn’t seem to work, the actor has learned a lesson from his four failed marriages: “If you only feel the slightest thing beforehand that takes away your harmony, where you have to suppress yourself, then you should say I’m not doing it. ” Nevertheless, there is no question of a fifth wedding for him, admits the TV face, which became known through “7 days, 7 heads”.

Marriage number four lasted 13 years

Jochen Busse is still married, but the end is foreseeable. “I will have filed for divorce at the end of this year,” he says. He has been married to Constanze Volkner since 2007, and they were married in Berlin. He now has a rather skeptical opinion about love, at least with regard to himself: “There are people who meet the woman of their life in their life and stay with her. I can’t do that.”

Source used: 3nach9


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