The match for football men Vitonen, played in the Helsinki metropolitan area, ended in a racist shout at the end of July.

The player, who was disqualified and accused of racism, lodged a complaint with the Sports Law Enforcement Commission, which has now ruled on the matter. According to the Judicial Security Committee, no evidence has been adduced to suggest that the referee’s report on the match should be called into question. Accordingly, the divarre player’s complaint was dismissed and the ban on four matches he received from the Football Association’s Southern Region Discipline remained in force.

The referee had given the player a second yellow card with extra time for the second period (90 + 2 min), which meant a red card and a knockout. According to the report, about 10 seconds after this, the player had shouted at the young referee.

– You’re awkward. You’re a motherfucker. Can you fuck a judge? the player had shouted according to the referee.

After that, the match was over.

The player denied shouting racistly and the Judicial Security Committee wondered if the player had behaved as mentioned in the report.

According to the player, no one other than the referee himself has confirmed the content of the report. The player also drew a map for the Law Enforcement Board showing different people on the field and its proximity.

– Both the map drawn by A (the player) in the case and the referee’s report are consistent in that A and the referee were only a few meters apart in the situation. Thus, only those who have followed the situation closely have been able to make more precise observations of what A has shouted in the situation, the Law Enforcement Commission reasoned.

According to the Judicial Security Committee, the arbitrator’s report provides, in principle, a reliable basis for imposing a disciplinary sanction, and in this case the appellant’s explanation is not sufficient to call the report into question.

Vitonen is the sixth highest league in Finnish men’s football.

The case attracted wider attention in football circles already in the summer, as Veikkausliiga was chosen as the referee of the year. Mohammed Al-Emara wrote on Twitter.

– An 18-year-old referee was subjected to a racist attack by a player. I have spoken today with the talented young referee, which was really traumatising experience, Al-Emara wrote.

– The background person’s comment to the referee after the match was that hopefully their player will survive the two-match ban. Overall, a very poorly managed situation by this team.