Distraught Anne Hathaway apologizes to disabled children who are sorry for her hands in the film

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The hands with only three fingers of the Supreme Witch of Le Streghe have offended people with ectrodactyly. After Warner’s apology, Anne Hathaway’s heartfelt words arrive.

After Warner Bros., it is Anne Hathaway a apologize personally with the various associations of disabled people who criticized the director’s choice Robert Zemeckis to equip the Supreme Witch from Witches of hands that sadly resemble those of those suffering from ectrodactyly, a genetic disease that involves the lack or incomplete development of one or more fingers of the lower and / or upper limbs.

The actress, who in the film from the novel by Roald Dahl has only three fingers on each hand, she said in dismay in a post on Instragram: “I recently learned that many people with ectrodactyly are suffering from the appearance of Supreme Witch from Witches. Let me first say that I do my best to be sensitive to the feelings and experiences of others, and not for fear of the criticisms that could come from the net, but because not hurting others seems to me the least that each of us should try to do. From person who strongly believes in acceptance and wholeheartedly detests cruelty, I offer you my apologies for the pain I have caused you. I’m sorry”.

Anne Hathaway She goes on to say that when she read the script, it didn’t occur to her that her character’s handicap could be identified with ectrodactyly, otherwise she would never have accepted the role. He concludes his apology by saying: “Above all I want to apologize to children with ectrodactyly: now that I know more, I promise I will behave better. And I especially apologize to all those who love you with the same intensity with which I love my children. I’m sorry for disappointing your families. “

Of the protests addressed to the witches, ours has spoken widely Mauro Donzelli in the article The Witches: Warner apologizes after harsh criticism of the film from people with disabilities.

As for Witches, is available in streaming in Italy and is also performed by Octavia Spencer, Stanley Tucci, Jahzir Bruno, Codie-Lei Eastick, Chris Rock e Charles Edwards.


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