The analysis of traffic accident statistics does not reveal new data but yes a discouraging reality: Spanish drivers still do not pay due attention to the road when they are behind the wheel. And it is that for the fourth consecutive year distractions at the wheel continue to be the main cause of traffic accidents.

Distractions and speed are the main causes of traffic accident

Specifically, during the past 2019 28% of claims with fatalities were caused for this reason and the count of the deceased reached 359. Likewise, during the journeys this summer, few compared to the normality of other years, the type of accident most registered has been the departure of the road, which is usually caused by confusion and distractions in addition to speeding.

In addition to exits, collisions with the preceding vehicle or the abuses they are the other most frequent types of accidents due to distractions. And, among these, the DGT points out that the most common is the use of a mobile phone behind the wheel.

The most recurring distractions

The use of smartphones at the wheel is the most common distraction among drivers and is not only used to call or view a message: there are records of complaints for even using social networks while driving. This infraction is sanctioned with a 200 euro fine and the loss of three points on the card.

People who look at their cell phone behind the wheel have 4 times the risk of having an accident.
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But they are also a recurring mistake, since they also force you to look away from the road, radio and GPS. Handling them during the journey involves a risk that increases their danger with speed, so it is highly inadvisable to use them if traveling on the highway or highway.

Smoking behind the wheel is another distraction that may not seem as serious as it is. Just with the gesture of lighting a cigarette you take your eyes off the road for at least 3 seconds. In this time and depending on the speed, you can travel up to a hundred meters with your eyes closed.