Disney+ is about to arrive in Mexico after a long time of waiting. However, it seems that the catalog could be somewhat different from what the service has in the United States.

Although we already know that in Disney+ we will find all the contents of Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar Y National Geographic exclusively, there are still some questions about what will happen to Fox, since since Disney bought it, many have wondered what will happen to those contents that are not familiar or that are classified C as Deadpool Y The Simpson.

Obviously, this platform of streaming It will be ideal to enjoy exclusive content, but it would be worth emphasizing what type of content will not be in Disney+.

So you can get up to 6 free months of Disney + in Mexico

Disney wants a family atmosphere

Disney+ wants to maintain a family atmosphere within its content catalog, so not all the productions that have been purchased will fit this definition.

This means that The Simpson Yes they will, but viewers will have to settle for a limited repertoire of the yellow family.

It is not yet specified how many episodes, or which seasons they would be, but it is a fact that they will not be absolutely all.

These are the Disney + promotional prices in Mexico

If you are already prepared for the arrival of Disney+ to Mexico, then we show you the list of devices on which the service will be compatible.