For months we have known the appearance and specifications of PlayStation 5.

We know that the machine will have a processor AMD Zen 2 with 8 cores at 3.5 Ghz; a GPU AMD RDNA 2 with 10.28 graphics power teraflops with 36 computing units; a storage 825 GB NVME SSD and a memoria RAM 16GB GDDR6.

We also know that it will boast a design to accommodate it u u horizontally, and that its dimensions will make it the largest console in modern history.

Now, thinking of those people who in addition to the specifications and exterior design want to know what does PlayStation 5 look like inside, Sony has released a video in which we see Yasuhiro Ootori, vice president of the mechanical design department and the hardware design division of Sony Interactive Entertainment, disarming the console.

In the video we are reminded that nothing seen should be attempted at home, since there is a risk of being exposed to laser radiation, receiving an electric shock or some other injury, in addition to disarming the PlayStation 5 automatically voids the warranty manufacturer.

Initially Ootori confirms that at 390mm high, 104mm wide and 260mm deep, PlayStation 5 is larger than PlayStation 4, resulting in a dramatic performance improvement in terms of processing power and silence.

After showing the ports with which it will have (one USB-C, three USB-A, ethernet, HDMI output and electrical current) and to point out that the two slits on the front are for ventilation and that the whole rear is an exhaust, Ootori disassembles base and shows the process of moving it around for when the console is laid out horizontally.

It also shows that users can detach the two white panels, and shows the M.2 interface with PCle 4th support for expand storage.

What follows is to see it disassemble the console (everything users no longer need to do) to teach components such as fans, Ultra HD Blu-ray drive, processor, GPU, SSD, and more.

And hand video and know the PlayStation 5 inside: