Disagreements and D-day in wide football: – Actually have a hope

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The very last opportunity to get started with the 3rd division and down is Thursday. But not all clubs want league games with promotion and relegation.

“Mid-September” has long been communicated as the very last deadline for the football season at the league levels during the initiated 2nd division (men) and 1st division (women) will be tentatively completed in the corona year 2020.

The government will meet on Thursday, and leader Kari Lindvik in the level four clubs’ interest organization is waiting for a final signal afterwards on whether contact training is allowed – also down in the football divisions. According to her, the distinction is now; that training must be able to start immediately today.

– If they inform that contact training is not allowed before 1 October, the race has been run for the season. But I actually have a hope, Lindvik says the day before D-day.

Should football training be allowed now, it is the Norwegian Football Association (NFF) that then decides how the season will be. At the 3rd division clubs on the men’s side, there is disagreement about how the season should be played and how it should count.

– They are a bit divided. Some would very much like to, some have given up and do not want it. But if you suddenly agree to something, it is so that you can mobilize a little extra, the organization leader believes.

– Do you have an impression of where the majority is?

– It’s hard to say, actually. I think most people want to have matches. Some have laid-off players, some have the players in place and would very much like to get started. Then you have what goes on climate and track capacity that makes it challenging for others, Lindvik answers.

Erik Midtgarden, coach of the 3rd division club Åssiden from Drammen, believes it will be “bingo” to carry out a series where promotion and relegation can be decided based on just six games.

– We had 25 men in training this winter, the last few weeks we have been under 10. As of today, we have nothing to do in the 3rd division, admits the former top player in Mjøndalen, Odd and Estonian Flora Tallinn, among others.

– I am concerned that you should fight on equal terms and equal training basis, although of course there will always be differences between the clubs in a division. We can meet second teams that have trained fully, while we ourselves have not been close to touching each other since March. We would like to play football matches, but without the bingo factors. Then you would rather hand out cash prizes than promotion and relegation, Midtgarden suggests.

Coach Ruben Hetlevik in the club Lysekloster from Os in Hordaland, on the other hand, thinks it is worth playing six or seven games to have a kind of counting season.


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