The director of the series “Vlad”, the Spanish Jesus del Cerro, recently turned 51 years old. On this occasion, he also launched his book “The adventures of a Spanish director in Romania and in the world”, telling for details about the relationship with the actors from the famous PRO TV series, but also from his life.

Asked what it was like to work with the team of Romanian actors, Jesus del Cerro answered: “It was very easy to make friends with the actors, with the team. I worked with them for 340 days, almost a year. For each season I worked 110 days. We worked hard, it’s been days of filming and we became friends. “

Regarding the hardest moments during the filming, the director says that “Vlad” was a dynamic project, something new for Romania, with difficult sequences. “The torture scene was difficult and for Victoria Răileanu it was very complicated. Roxana’s death was difficult to film, we had accidents, scenes with cars, weapons or a boat. Everything is complicated, but it is very beautiful. “

Specifying that Romania has many exceptional actors, Jesus del Cerro revealed that in the new season new actors will appear with very big dramas.