Entrepreneur and television face Susanna Penttilä and musician Ronnie Roos have divorced after seven years of socializing. The first to tell about the difference Stop. Penttilä confirms the matter to Iltalehti.

– We’re divorced. We are still good friends. There is no drama involved in the resignation, Penttilä is kindly responsible for his movement on Thursday.

The love relationship gradually turned into a friendship. There is already a year of separation. However, the ex-couple initially had difficulty staying in friendship.

– It was difficult for us to remain friends without any kind of romance, Penttilä says.

In the spring, Roos and Penttilä had long discussions and decided that they could both continue in their own directions. At the same time, the romance between the couple was left behind.

– We are still on good terms, Penttilä says now.

Roos and Penttilä have a 17-year age difference. The relationship began when the couple met at a nightclub in Helsinki.

Wonderful customers

The coronavirus has had a major impact on Penttilä’s business. In the spring, the business was closed for a while. The online store has been active throughout the exceptional period. It has also brought products to a wider audience.

The entrepreneur did not take a summer vacation at all. The laid-off workers got back to work in the first week of June. Penttilä is very happy that the business will be able to employ people again.

– Thanks to the wonderful customers, the business is still standing. Finns now prefer Finns, Penttilä is happy.

The coronavirus has caused Penttilä to change its plans somewhat. In the spring, for example, he held a home school for his son at home. Also, tourism ended like a wall. Penttilä was not seen at all during the Paris Fashion Weeks. Fortunately, things can be done well today, even remotely.

Penttilä is very pleased that the store is no longer in Red. The Penttilä Ferrer store had a pop up store in that mall for about a year.

– Fortunately, it came to an end a year ago. Now we would be ringing if we were in the mall.

Susanna Penttilä often shares her news through Instagram. From here you can see more pictures.