Diet of Marília Mendonça: singer gives details about weight loss process

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Marília Mendonça spoke about the weight loss process after the birth of her son on Wednesday (28). In conversation with followers, the singer gave details of the diet she has been following for the past few months. “I’m doing a low carb strategy and I’m doing really well. I’ve been at my lowest weight since I had Leo. I also started doing intermittent fasting, my mom is doing it, everyone at home is starting to do it. It changed a lot and broke several taboos that I had! It’s doing me really well, I feel really good. I feel more active and more concentrated “, she said.

Marília Mendonça catches gossip about her in the gym

Focused on health, Marília resumed the exercises at the gym and caught two women who spoke badly about her. “I was remembering here that I saw two women commenting on me at the gym, at the highest point in the world and they were embarrassed when I looked. Relax, I didn’t look to warn. I only looked because I was thinking: ‘Damn, good thing my mother gave me an education “If I answered, they passed out. They turned yellow when they saw that I was listening,” he reported on Twitter recently.

Sertaneja comments on body changes

Marília adopted healthy habits of her own accord and lost 20 kg. The artist even had surgery to remove two kilos of skin. “Everything I wanted to do, about losing weight, I did in healthy eating. Soon after I did an abdominoplasty, when I lost 20kg, and removed two kilos of skin. That was bothering me. I always wanted to take care of my health, it was very good for me and I stopped smoking “, he commented in an interview.

Singer resists pressure for beauty standard

Marília also recalled the difficulties and demands she had at the beginning of her career. “They said it wouldn’t work, it wouldn’t work. It starts with being a woman. Then comes the beauty pattern part. Then the part of the voice, of saying: ‘your voice is very serious’. Then came my musical style, clothes, everything. My life is a great example. It was not easy to hold the bar and try to change things that I felt like when I felt like it. There was a desire for healthier food, but the pressure was so great that it kept me away “, he explained.

Artist explains why songs talk about betrayal

On another occasion, Marília resaid that he knew many cases of betrayal in his social circle, so he was inspired to compose songs with the theme. “I think that in the first horn I took, I never stopped singing. And then I was entitled the Queen of Suffering. This theme has always been very present in my life, unfortunately. I saw many people betray, I saw many people being betrayed. I’ve already been betrayed. It was quite traumatic. I saw my mother being betrayed at home. If you listen to the music of Zezé Di Camargo and Luciano, you heard only a lot of love, you know … “, he pointed out.

(By Patrícia Dias)


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