Diego Topa: reflections of an eternal child and a new father

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The driver, who was a father in January through a surrogacy, tells how he lives that experience, in the middle of the pandemic. And he reviews his origins before his career at Disney.

2020 will go down in almost everyone’s history as a difficult, painful, and arduous year. For Diego Topa, however, it will also be special because it’s the year he became a father, one of his big dreams come true.

“I have this huge dichotomy,” says Topa. “On the one hand, I am moved by how terrible the pandemic is going through and on the other, this year is one of the most important and beautiful of my life, a hinge with the arrival of Mitai. With her my heart exploded with joy“.

The host of children’s programs He became a father, along with his partner, through the method of surrogacy. Mitai was born in January in Miami and since then has completely changed everyone’s life.

At 45 years of age and with more than twenty years dedicated to childrenFrom the Disney signal, the theater and the songs, Topa (who transformed her surname into her own brand) now has in her home the best thermometer of her creations.

“As happened to everyone, this year I could not finalize the work projects that I had pending. But, on the other hand, by staying at home, I was able to fully connect with the baby. Because of work, I haven’t spent a whole week at home in years. Now I enjoy every minute with her and I am happy because I don’t miss anything“, he assures.

-Now you have your first audience in it, live and direct.

-Yes, I have a fan at home. She is also very histrionic, she likes music, everything is danced. I sing to him, I dance to him and the house is like a party. I am fascinated to see her enjoy. It is very exciting and you can tell that she is a happy baby. In addition, at nine and a half months, he has already started to sleep through the night. More could not be asked for.

-To the logical fears of every first-time parent, those of the pandemic will have been added. How do you handle that situation?

-Fears are already double. With my partner we are learning to deal with it as parents. You have to be careful, but also not become paranoid because you transmit everything to the baby and that is not good. As it happened to many people, in addition, my family still does not know her personally and that is very strong. But we make it cool.

One question Topa cannot avoid is the origin of her daughter’s name. And he likes to explain it in detail. “It is Guaraní and means a boy or a girl, so in generic terms. I heard it from the singer Charo Bogarín, who is my friend, before my daughter was born. And another friend of mine, Daisy May Queen, who lives in India, told me that there that word means “sweet.” So he closed me on all sides and it suits him just with his personality. “

Raised in the town of Caseros, Diego is the oldest of three siblings and also the oldest of a litter of cousins, a situation that somehow marked his future path as an entertainer and driver.

-For two decades you have dedicated yourself to entertaining and amusing the little ones. What were you like as a child? What did you entertain yourself with?

-I was very curious, I was always playing with my brothers and my cousins. He loved taking the speakers out on the sidewalk and throwing a party. And there the neighbors joined, we cut the street and danced. I was always about generating union. If we went to the plaza, we were a fun gang and I was already the one who organized everything, I was the producer, appealing a lot to imagination and fantasy, as now. This is something that came with me. And now I see myself in Mitai, she is the same.

-Your ability to persuasion was already noticeable, did everyone get caught up in the games?

-It is clear that I convinced them, because everyone was hooked and my parents and grandparents always accompanied me and supported me in everything. They also collaborated, because there was no budget for party favors and we did everything ourselves. Thus the animator, the conductor, the producer was born. I think that if one is happy, that is contagious. What I do now is something that I have always carried with me. And I have my grandmother to thank for teaching me to set short goals.

-How is that?



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