Diego Schwartzman’s mother recalled the rival who recommended Danonino and the ladle he used as a racket

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Silvina recalled the difficulties that the Small In the beginning due to his short stature, at the same time he highlighted his mentality to go in search of his dream.

Five hours in front of the television with my nerves on edge. If any Argentine lived with expectation and tension the clash that allowed Diego Schwartzman to beat Dominic Thiem in five sets and advance to the Roland Garros semifinal, those sensations will have to be enhanced in Silvana Daiez.

“I’m very happy; it’s like it doesn’t give me the body, I’m in another world. I was wrapped up as if it were a degree below zero; I saw that Diegui he had the game in his hands, and he was leaving… Faced with a rival like that, that train passes very rarely. I felt like I couldn’t close it. She said ‘My God, please I ask you, help her’ “, confessed the mother of the Peque in an interview with Miter radio.

In the talk, he highlighted the stamp of his son, which led him to overcome the obstacles he faced in his childhood: “One of the most important characteristics of Diegui it’s his head. It is very strong. He always had a physical difference with those he played, the kids had at least two heads, he reached their shoulders. There is a case that I always remember when a boy who is now his friend, Facundo Mena, he beat him at the Banfield club and told him ‘you have to take Danonino before coming to play’. And they always carried him because he was short. You saw it and it didn’t reach the net, but it played an egg “.

In this sense, Silvana revealed that when Diego was very young, they were concerned about his health and carried out studies “to see if he was going to grow up or not”, since his other children had not had height problems.

“A single doctor told us that he was going to measure what he measures today; that day was very bad. They suggested we do a treatment, but I would never have done anything to her; I do not regret not having done it, “clarified Silvana.

On the other hand, he confirmed that the Small “His name is Diego because of Maradona” and that in the family “they are all sick from Boca” except for her, who is from River.

As a child, at the Hacoaj club, the tennis player who had already earned access to the top ten in the ATP rankings divided his days between soccer and tennis. His mother remarks that he was good at sports but that the coaches warned him that “he was different” with the racket. “Diegui he was a baby and he played with a ladle, and it was incredible what he did; I was not even 3 years old. People were surprised when they saw it, “he said.

“I always had respect for him … He is very special, he was born with a star. I do not treat him, I treat him as you. When he was born our family was broke, I had three more kids and we didn’t have a peso. But look what he achieved. In his first youth tournaments to be able to travel we sold bracelets at the club “, recalled the mother of the Small.


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