Diego Schwartzman: “I have been working for a long time to be top ten because getting there gives you a very high level”

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The Peque makes his debut this Sunday at Roland Garros with a lot of confidence. He comes from playing the final of the Masters 1000 in Rome against Djokovic and the best Argentine tennis player said: “I felt that I grew again.”

It continues being the one of always Diego Schwartzman. Nothing changed him and hardly anything changes his way of being and walking through life for more dollars that he continues to earn and results that he continues to obtain and no matter how close to hand he is. top ten which is definitely the next goal you want to meet. Not even the great triumph against Rafael Nadal or the final he reached last week in Rome altered his attitude. And within hours of his debut at Roland Garros against Serbian Miomir Kecmanovic (this Sunday, in the fourth turn of the Simonne Mathieu court) everything is calm and trust in him and around him. “I come from my first final in a Masters 1000 and I feel that I continue to break barriers,” he said. “In Rome I felt that I grew back”, added.

-You talk about barriers. What is the next one you have on your horizon?

-The top ten. I have been working for a long time to be top ten because getting there gives you a very high level. I was only one game away in Rome and now I have a new opportunity. But it may be the last of the year because there aren’t many more big tournaments to play. So I will try to take advantage of it.

-In Rome you beat Nadal for the first time and played Djokovic on an equal footing. Can you do the same at Roland Garros?

-Against this type of player the chances to three sets are greater. They have a very different way of playing in five-set matches and the statistics show it. I feel prepared to play five sets, but it is more difficult. Here they make a difference.

-There was a lot of talk about your great level against Nadal but about the end there was a detail that many did not go unnoticed. On the camera you wrote “Argentina”. Because you did?

-It came out naturally. It was my first match on the central court, they brought the score closer to me and I hardly thought about it. Argentina is going through a tough time and it was a way of thanking so much support and so much enthusiasm. Ever wrote “Boca” and those from River bitched me. This time no one screwed me up.

Little Schwartzman laughs at his wit. He is happy (as one of his soccer idols, of course) and he is – also – because in this part of the tour he is accompanied by his coach Juan Ignacio Chela, his physical trainer Martiniano Orazi and Eugenia, his girlfriend. “She is perhaps the one who gets the most bored because we can’t leave the hotel. Here in Paris we can’t do anything. We drink mate in the room and not much else. If only we could move freely around the lobby, around the restaurant … On this trip we were only able to walk freely in Kitzbuhel, where we were not even asked to wear a mask on the street, and in Rome we walked for half a day, the day after the final. We put some sandwiches in our backpack that we ate in a square and then we gave it about ten hours without stopping … It is incredible to see these types of almost empty cities at this time of year, when there are always tourists everywhere. And incredible and regrettable what is happening in the world with this pandemic ”, account.

-At least in Paris there will be people in the stands from day one.

-It’s ugly to play without people. But it is the reality that touches us. But without people you have no emotion. Playing a Grand Slam without people in New York was weird. At least there will be 1,000 people in the stands here.

-What do you expect in tennis?

-I come from a great week, but that was surprising because I had not returned well after the stop. Also, I had a blow to the hand in New York … It was weird. It is very cold here, it is raining a lot and the conditions are different. But I am confident. Kecmanovic will be a difficult opponent. I never played against him but I have seen him. He has a lot of talent and a lot of future.

-Which are your candidates to win the tournament?

-Nadal and Thiem. Nadal because he has already won Roland Garros 12 times and can never be put aside and Thiem because he is growing. But there are many behind. Djokovic, of course, who has been playing incredible tennis, Tsitsipas, Medvedev, Rublev … We will have to see as the matches go by how they are all.

-And you?

-Once you enter the field you don’t know what can happen but I feel good and I know that I can advance in the tournament.


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