Diego Maradona’s wake: this was the overflow that ended with chaos and tension at Casa Rosada

How the incidents that tarnished the farewell of the Ten were unleashed. Crosses between Nation and City.

It was impossible for Diego Maradona’s wake to end well. The family’s idea that the farewell at the Casa Rosada was a quick and simple act ended in the worst way because the magnitude of the event and the huge number of people who rushed in to say goodbye to his idol.

Hence the late decision to modify the initial decision and to run from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. the closing time of the doors in Balcarce 50.

There were two critical moments in two different places. Just after 2:00 p.m., the police decided to put up a fence on Avenida de Mayo and 9 de Julio to cut off the line that reached Cochabamba at that time.

There were clashes between the fans and the police forces who dispersed with rubber bullets as people tried to prevent people from pouncing on the new fence.

That caused a domino effect: people began to crowd and everything overflowed at the entrance to the Government House. All the order that reigned from 6 in the morning was transformed into chaos. What was a controlled procession, with one or two people entering and saying goodbye to Maradona, became massive.

The police decided to leave the place and the entrance was given through the entrance door and also through the exit door.

After 3 pm the situation worsened and there were clashes between the Police and the fans in the vicinity of the Casa Rosada. Boca and Tigre bars were also seen trying, in their own way, to contain the overflows.

People coming out of Balcarce 50 denounced that there was repression and that they not only tried to dissuade with rubber bullets, but also claimed that the security forces fired tear gas inside the building. The situation calmed down a bit when it was learned that there would be time until 7:00 p.m. to go and fire Maradona.

It was too late to stop the chaos. At the worst moment, to complete the scenario, the Gymnastics bar arrived. A lousy organization worsened as a result of the decision that the wake would last only 10 hours. The will of the family, loaded with good intentions, collided with the lack of foresight and communication errors.

There was no way it would end well. In full excesses, the authorities decided to remove the coffin from the burning chapel and transfer it to the Hall of the Native Peoples. The tension outside the Casa Rosada had dropped, but most people still did not know that the doors had closed and may not reopen.

At the same time, officials from the Ministry of Security, the body in charge of the joint command that was devised for the operation, blamed the City Police.

Luis Morales, undersecretary of Security of the Nation, said that there was no order of repression from the Nation. “Where the incidents began is July 9 and Avenida de Mayo, the Police of the City of Buenos Aires participated,” he separated.

“The National Government does not have jurisdiction to indicate repressing a security force. Besides not having it, in no way would it have given that indication,” the Sabina Frederic official took off.

“The people were orderly. I knew it would take a long time to get in but they were waiting patiently. The operation got out of control when the Metropolitan Police started firing.”

The city government, for its part, charged against Nación and said it was irresponsible to leave an issue of Internal Security in charge of Maradona’s family.

They argued that after talking about a million people and declaring three days of mourning, this situation was foreseeable with the star’s family, declaring their intention to end the wake at 16. “There was ineptitude,” they summarized about the official actions of the National Government.



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