Diego Maradona plunged through the midfield and aimed Jorge Valdanoa.

The ball ended Steve Hodgelle, whose splash recklessly headed towards his own rank spot and Peter Shiltonia.

Maradona continued his movement and ran through the English line, towards Shilton, towards the hovering ball.

Shilton jumped and planned to grab the ball.

Suddenly the ball was online.

Twenty cents shorter than Shilton, Maradona had bounced high and helped out his performance by raising his hand – on time and straight into the ball.

The England were waiting for a free kick and a warning.

Referee Ali Bin Nasser looked like a goal.

Maradona left the crime scene for the party.

Argentina 1, England 0, announced the Azteca Stadium scoreboard.


– Some of us (Argentines) thought Diego won the goalkeeper in the air and pushed the ball. Diego even informed us it was a butt, Oscar Ruggeri once.

– It was brilliant how he celebrated. He commanded other players: ‘celebrate, hug‘.

Sergio Batista curious from Maradona about hand fraud in the middle of playing.

– I replied that now shut up and keep celebrating, Maradona recalled.

– We were afraid that the paint would be discarded – but it was not discarded.

“Would not believe”

– I saw the ball in the air and Maradona was aiming for it. Shilton also went into the situation, but Maradona steered the ball with his hand into the net, England manager Bobby Robson tormented after the match.

– Would not believe that at the World Cup level you will see such judgments.

A few minutes after his handball, Maradona conjured up one of the all-time solos. Shilton thought the English defense had chewed on the previous goal.

Gary Linekerin the narrowing in the last ten was cosmetic.

Maradona’s goal mixed the English game – and the English for decades.

Terry Butcher, a rational English stopper, stepped on the Maradona packets in the doping test room and wondered sharply: Did you do your first hand?

Maradona tapped her head lightly in response and smiled.

“Maybe he did so because the room was small and there were three of us angry Englishmen,” Butcher estimated.

– Maybe he chose the safest option, but it annoys me even more.


Maradona only admitted fraud in 2005 in his TV show La Noche del 10 and said he had not regretted his hand paint for a second.

A few years later, The Sun reported that Maradona had apologized to the English. Maradona coolly rebuked the Argentine media for being misquoted.

– I didn’t apologize to anyone. I have no excuses from anyone.

In her documentary, released last year, Maradona was in the mood for “nice to have some kind of symbolic revenge” for the Falklands War.

The English were so severely ravaged that several old players refused the invitation to the premiere of the documentary.

Shilton said he has a lot more important things to do that night – like darts.

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