Diego Maradona needs surgery

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Diego Maradona (60) has to undergo surgery after a hemorrhage was discovered on his brain. This is confirmed by the legend of football legend, Leopold Luque, to the Argentine media.

When Maradona was admitted to hospital on Monday, it was said that it was not an emergency, but on Tuesday night

that the Argentine superstar must undergo surgery. This was later confirmed by his personal physician.

Leopold Luque claims it is a routine operation. He says the operation will take place at the Olivos clinic in Buenos Aires.

Tyc Sports writes that he will be operated on at midnight Norwegian time.

It was Monday that Maradona, who turned 60 on Friday, was admitted to a hospital in La Plata. His personal doctor, Leopoldo Luque, said according to Argentine media that Maradona was depressed and that he was hospitalized to take some routine checks.

– He’s been down for a week. He did not want to eat, a hospital employee told the AP news agency.

According to Tyc Sports, the bleeding in the head was detected using a CT scan. It should be about one subduralt hematom. That is, a hemorrhage that is inside the skull and outside the inner membrane of the brain.

This type of bleeding rarely involves great danger.

Maradona has had health problems since he resigned. Among other things, he collapsed on holiday in Uruguay in 2000. He has had several operations to help curb the fight against obesity, and in January 2019 he was hospitalized with internal bleeding.

Football fans have gathered outside the hospital in La Plata to show their support for one of the world’s best players of all time.

Maradona is currently the coach of Club de Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata in the Argentine top league.


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